My Brazilian Experience (Plus Tips for 1st Timers)

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Last Saturday, I finally did it!! 

I had a brazilian. Wooohooo. I survived the Brazilian challenge.

And of course I had it done at my, now favorite and highly recommended, body sugaring place – Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon.

I went back to Barenaked last Saturday for my upper lip, lower leg and Brazilian sugaring. And I swear it was one of the best things I ever did, beauty-wise.

My husband even wondered why I only did now. Bwahahaha.. My vajayjay is as smooth as a baby's bum. And I really feel clean down there. I had to remind the husband that I almost had it done years ago but when he saw the price tag, he said he'd just do it for me. Hahahaha! Kuripot na tunay.

Anyway, let me first tell you why I decided to have a Brazilian...

I do shave down there or trim especially before my period. I just find it much more easier if I have less stuff going around while I'm at the most delicate stage of my womanhood.

I also shave or trim before heading to the beach way back when I was single. #payatdays I don't want unwanted hair poking out of my bikini. Ew!

But I honestly hate shaving. First, sabi nga ni Ate Lanie (my very nice and super efficient sugaring attendant), kanda-acrobatic na ko ma shave lang ng maayos. Hahahaha! Second, I'm prone to ouchie and boo boos. As in I would usually end up with shaving burns na mahapdi. Kaloka. Plus, it's very itchy once the hair grows back. And I noticed that it's much coarser.

Brazilian sounds like a great option for me. But I was shy of showing my vajayjay to someone not my OB. Plus I find it weird that she'll do stuff down there. Also, I read Saab Magalona's Brazilian horror story several years ago. And I heard it was super duper ouchie.

But then I realized that I am a breastfeeding mother. Pag etong Brazilian mas masakit kesa sa paapadede ng new born habang may sore nipples, ewan ko nalang talaga.

I'm just so glad that I did it on Barenaked. I had a very nice experience. Promise. Too nice, that I plan to do it regularly. Well, not plan coz I am definitely doing it regularly. *wink*

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Let me share with you why I loved my first ever Brazilian experience and some tips for first timers like me.

1. It's not that ouchie at all! Yes it was kinda ouchie but definitely not worst than breastfeeding. It's like my first eyebrow threading experience. Ouchie but tolerable. I guess it's because I did it on Barenaked and they use the sugaring method. You see, in sugaring, they pull the hair on the direction of hair growth. That's why it's less ouchie. Imagine if I had it waxed, where they pull on the opposite direction of your hair growth? Waaaahh.. I also suggest you take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to your session if you have low pain tolerance. Just make sure you consult your doctor first. Do not self medicate. But I actually didn't take meds. I plan to, but I forgot to buy. Harhar! Pero tolerable naman sya.

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2. I'm glad I did sugaring and went to Barenaked. As I've said it's less ouchie this way plus they use organic stuff. And I really love Barenaked!! I raved about them already and I really believed that sugaring is much much better than waxing based on my previous experience.

3. Ate Lanie is a great attendant. She did my Brazilian and she is really very professional and magaan ang kamay. I didn't feel shy or awkward towards her because she makes me feel at ease. And she's really very professional (ulit ulit?). Plus she gave me tips while doing it. Tips like, hingang malalim. Or she'd tell me if she's going to an area that's usually very painful, para ready ang lola nyo. May mga area din naman na hindi ganun kasakit. She would also allow me to rest. And would press hard on the area after pulling all the hair to reduce pain. Definitely helps a lot. So yeah, bottomline is go somewhere you are comfortable. Promise, Ate and I are just laughing non-stop the entire time. Oh diba? Ang saya!

4. Barenaked is very clean. They have intimate wash available and you could wash before the procedure. The restroom is pristine. And the sugaring area is super clean as well. Ate Lanie wore gloves and mask the entire time. She uses clean towels to wipe me up. Basta everything is clean so I am panatag.

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5. I was given a comprehensive post-sugaring care instructions. At least I know what to do and not to do. Plus Ate made sure that she give me tips as well. I really feel well informed. They have the care instructions printed so I won't have an excuse.

6. It’s very much affordable. Their Brazilian only costs 550php! Super sulit.

7. And of course , I love the result. As I've said, it's as smooth as the baby's butt. And not itchy at all. Fine hairs are already starting to grow but they are not visible. You can't even feel it.

There you go.

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Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon
2nd Level Glorietta 5, Makati
Tel #: 744-5865
Operating Hours: 10am-9pm (Sunday to Thursday)
10am-10pm (Friday & Saturday), Walk-ins only
Check out their rates here.

** Barenaked is kind enough to sponsor my first ever Brazilian. But everything I wrote here is my honest review. I've already raved about Barenaked on my previous post and I honestly love their service. That first post is not sponsored. :)


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