Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly

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I grew up on a household with a tub of petroleum jelly all the time. Hindi nawawala sa bahay yan. Coz my Nanay (Mila’s mom) used to have very dry, flaky skin. As in sirena levels because of the kaliskis. That’s where I got my dry skin. And a lot of my cousins too. Although mine is not as flaky as theirs.

Probably because Mila made sure that my skin is always moisturized especially on the cold December – February season. Kaya talaga laging may petroleum jelly sa bahay.

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There are also all these other ways we use our petroleum jelly:
  • As a diaper rash cream. I swear this one’s super effective. Just apply generously on your baby’s bum and they’ll never get a diaper rash ever. Proven effective by this neophyte mum.
  • As an insect relief. I grew up using petroleum jelly for our insect bites. It helps soothe the bite and make it less itchy.
  • All in one moisturizer. Uhuh! I would slather some on my dry skin especially on super dry-prone areas like knees, elbows, even my nape.
  • As a lip balm. Petroleum jelly is the best and the cheapest lip balm. I also use this to treat wind burns.
  • As an anti-rash cream. We would use petroleum jelly on my minor rashes.
  • As a sunburn relief. Again probably the cheapest treatment for sunburns. Proven effective by moi!
  • As a foot moisturizer. My favorite use of the petroleum jelly! I would simply apply liberal amounts of petroleum jelly at night all over my feet. Concentrating on my toes and heels and those with callouses. Wear a thick cotton socks and voila! Instant pretty feet the next day. My sister suffers from super dry feet and this is what she does every single night. Pag hindi kasi nya to nagagawa, her foot would be super dry and flaky.
  • Make-up remover. Again, the cheapest make up remover ever. Just get apply a small amount all over your face and lips and massage in circular motion concentrating on the areas where you applied heavy, waterproof make ups like the lashes, your brows and lips.
  • Prolongs scent and perfume. This one I’m not sure if you know already but yes! It helps prolong scent on the body. Usually I would apply a small amount of petroleum jelly at the back of my ears and my neck then spray my favorite perfume. The scenat almost lasts the entire day. Yebah!
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There are more ways to use your petroleum jelly actually kaya nga it’s a household staple. And of course, when it comes to petroleum jellies, we all know which brand is the best – Vaseline.

We’ve been using Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly for years now and I must say, they are indeed the best. No unwanted “petrol scent” at all and I love the easy-open lid. Even all my other friends are Vaseline user and they agree that this is definitely the best.

Kayo mga mums? San nyo pa ginagamit ang petroleum jelly nyo? Share naman sa comment box!


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