Updated Guide in Driver’s License Renewal in the Philippines

drivers license renewal philippines

This year, my driver’s license is up for renewal. As a working mom who lives in the suburbs, having the ability and the right to drive is important for me. Di lang ako magaling na driver pero pwede na.

I was having issues initially kasi I was told na iba na nga daw ang process ngayon. And because I’m a nice and responsible blogger, I will share with you an updated guide on how to renew your driver’s license para di kayo ma-haggard.

1. A month before my planned renewal date, I created an account in LTO Online Portal and took the exam online. It is relatively easy and there are a lot of online lessons you can take prior to taking the test. I suggest you really take advantage of getting yourself educated on our traffic rules and regulations so you’d be a much better driver. Tandaan, you are only eligible for the 10 years validity if malinis ang record mo. If you have a violation, matic na 5 yrs ka lang. Which is hassle diba? I like that rule, it makes you want to drive better coz you get rewarded. 

2. Print the result of your exam and have a photocopy of your old driver’s license.

3. On the day of your renewal, look for the nearest LTO Renewal Center. Usually, Robinson’s Malls have renewal centers. Mas prefer ko sa mall kasi syempre they have AC so even if mahaba ang pila, ok lang.

4. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged and you have something to keep you busy. I got my trusty kindle with me as I wait for my turn in line.

5. Before lining up on the LTO Renewal Center, go the official medical center. Usually they are located really near the LTO center. Just ask around.

6. You will pay 500php for the medical examination fee and then they’ll do basic health check - eye check, weight, height, etc. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure to bring them. Medyo mahigpit sila ngayon. Well, at least dun sa medical center where I went to. Okay din because syempre you wanna make sure that you are only issuing a license to those healthy enough to drive.

7. Next is pila na sa LTO. Based on my experience ito lang ang matagal na part. Tip: while nakapila, check na your LTO credentials. Make sure you can access your account and that you remember your password. That is the main reason kasi bakit matagal ang pila. People on the front don’t know pala the password. Usually tatawag pa sa anak, pamangkin, apo or jowa. Kaloka! Cause of delay talaga. Okay lang sana yung mga may edad na, kaso based on experience pati sina ateng pabebe cause of delay!

8. When you reach the 1st window, you will access your LTO account and then they will process everything already. They will upload the medical result. And check if ok ka na to renew.

9. Then it’s biometrics - picture, finger print and signature.

10. Then pay the license renewal fee of 589php and just wait for your card.

Renewal process is relatively fast and easy. I like that there’s an exam and it could be done online. I love that now they offer 10yrs validity already. It’s a huge deal for me because processing government docs and IDs are such a headache.

I hope this post would be able to help you guys out!


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