Review: Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard

For the longest time, I have been using my work laptop in blogging and vlogging. I’m on it all the time, and it’s pretty powerful so why not? But because of our current work from home set-up, our company IT implemented a lot of security measures to ensure that we are all very much secured even if we are outside our company network. But that also means blocking some sites that I use for blogging and vlogging. Plus, I don’t want to clog up our company VPN and get tagged by IT because I have been streaming in YouTube too much.

Thankfully, I have some points that I was able to use to get myself a cheap iPad. The cheapest one actually. And I thought I could use it as my blogging device and note taking device because I gave my tablet to my daughter for school use (check out my review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 with S-pen for students).

Of course, if I want to be able to blog on my iPad I need a decent keyboard. I was initially eyeing the Apple Smart Keyboard but oh boy! Was it expensive! As is all other stuff from Apple. Hahaha! Di keri ng katawang lupa ko gumastos ng ganun kalaki. Watching loads of unboxing video on YouTube, I came across Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard.

I recently got myself one and I am so happy with it!

Why do we love this keyboard?

1.  You can connect up to 3 devices on this keyboard and switching from one device to another is quick and easy as long as you have the device pre-connected. Just press a button and you can work from one device to another. I have my iPad, my laptop and the #FabSkye’s tab connected to it. So easy!

2. Small and portable. It’s just half an inch longer than my iPad 7th gen and is lightweight. Of course, Apple’s smart keyboard is lighter and easier to carry since it can be connected to the iPad as a smart cover but I love the portability of this keyboard more.

3. Affordable. Other bluetooth keyboards costs an arm and a hand. I mean, the Apple smart keyboard is almost 9,000PHP! While other bluetooth keyboards are like 7,000PHP! Maygahd! This one is only 1950PHP from the official Logitech store and that’s it!

4. It’s Logitech. I have been using logitech for the longest time. From regular mouse to wireless mouse, I know that the brand delivers! Atleast I know that I am not wasting money on some flimsy device.

This keyboard has been a life saver for me. I am actually writing this blog post using this keyboard and typing is a dream! 

It’s also very very pretty! A pink keyboard?!! How cute is that? Hehehe!

We did an unboxing on our YouTube channel!

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