Review: It Ends With Us (by Colleen Hoover)

When I saw Kathryn Bernardo (a Filipina actor) post about this in Instagram, I got curious.

I kinda forgot the book worm in me and I don’t think I even read a single book since 2020. I probably picked 1 or 2 of my favorites but for some weird reason, I can’t find joy in reading these past years. Which is weird because I love to read. I LOVE TO READ! And it pains me that I can no longer find joy on those stuff that used to spark joy in my heart.

I’m just glad I went with my gut feel and got myself a copy of this book.





Without too much spoiler I can say that this book talks about self love above anything else. It talks about courage. It talks about kindness. It tackles an aspect of humanity that is barely touched, barely discussed. It would make you look at love in a different way.

As a mother, it made me realize a lot of things. Again, I am in awe of how much a mother’s love could conquer. I’m glad that this book speaks of love in the right way. The rawness. The pain. The confusion. The acceptance. The courage. Love, in all it’s glory.

I think I have never rooted for a heroine this much. I cry with her. I cry for her. I understand her. I feel her. And at the end of the day I am awe of her courage.

I found myself ugly crying as I near the end of the book. I felt grief for the love lost. I felt joy for the love found. I felt pity for the boy who was destroyed by a stupid accident. And I felt relieved that finally, a book says that it is okay to choose not to love to show your love.

I already forgot how much a book could affect my life. Probably the main reason why I love reading so much. But this book seems like a good way to find my path back to reading…


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