Review: A Muse (Eungyo)

I was able to watch this movie online a couple of months ago. I was initially very much intrigued with this movie because I read about the plot in Wikipedia when I was searching about Kim Go Eun.

This movie didn’t disappoint. And I now know why Go Eun became famous after this movie.

First, let’s talk about the main thing that most people talk about this film - the explicit sex scenes. Yes, there are. And for a young girl’s first movie, it was shocking but also very smart and brave. I mean, Go Eun definitely made sure that her first movie would be worth it.

Yes, the sex scenes are explicit and maygahd! But I swear it’s not like one of those sex scenes that’s only there to sell sex. When you watch the film, you would KNOW why the explicit scenes are there. It’s like the director wants you to feel the character. The scenes are there so you could understand WHY the characters are like that. It is there so you’d see a young girl’s transformation into a woman.

The movie is all about an old man and his desires. A young girl and her innocence. A young man and his selfishness. The movie is raw and beautiful and meaningful.

I find it hard to explain without really going into details but I must say that this movie is so worth watching. When I watched it, I realized that K-movies are also exceptional. Iba sila gumawa ng pelikula. After this film, I also watched several other K-movies and they are all perfectly made. I hope to also see that kind of line-up here in Manila.

Overall this film is beautiful, raw, and painful. Beautifully-made and is definitely a masterpiece.


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