Tips on Finding “The One” (HMUA Hunting Tips)

Finding the right hair and make-up artist is a very important part of a wedding preparation. And that task always belongs to me every time a close friend would get married. They know how meticulous I am when it comes to that aspect. Plus most of my friends are make-up noob.

I say it is very important to find “The One” HMUA because they could really make or break your look. There are times when I would browse on some wedding photos and would cringe on the bride’s look. The brows’ too strong, not the right lip color, too much smoky eyes, crazy long lashes, too much contouring, too magazine-ish, the nose line (!). Imagine checking out your wedding day photos and not recognizing yourself? Or worst, your guests not recognizing you at all! Do not laugh, it happened to me once. Que horror! Haha!

So now allow me to share with you some tips on finding “The One”.

Hair and Make-up Artist Hunting Tips by yours truly…

1. Find someone who always, always makes the perfect eye brow for the bride. This is a tip you don’t usually get but I mean it. Brows are difficult to do. Most of the time I would see make-up artists who could do a perfect eye brow shape. Too perfect. And they would do that eye brow shape in each and every girl clientele. But every girl’s face is different. For some a strong brow is perfect, while some needs a soft one. Some too archy, some straight. I would usually browse on their profile and look at each girl’s eye brow and see if they could adjust according to the girl’s face. Once you find a make-up artist who could do your brow perfectly, you’ll be good to go. The rest would be fine, believe me.

2. Find someone you feel comfortable with. They could be good, the best even. But if you can’t talk to her properly and express what you want openly then you’ll be doomed. Because of my next tip.

3. Find someone who listens and respects your wishes but is not afraid give valuable advice. Each girl has a peg. Right? Some wants smoky eyes because they feel comfortable with it. Some wants contouring galore. Some wants to look like they came off a magazine. While most wants a fresh look. A woke-up-like-this, barely-there make up. So find someone who listens to your wishes and would follow your peg. But they shouldn’t be afraid to share their advice as well. Just make sure they don’t insist on what they want. At the end of the day, you should be the boss. It’s your day anyway. Additional tip though, listen to what they have to say. They are professionals on that field for a reason. *wink*

4. Read reviews and feedback. Bridestory, my new favorite wedding site, has that feature where a bride could share their feedback about a specific supplier. Read them. It is important that you read up on how the other brides feel about them.

5. Have a trial make-up session. That way you could see how they work. If they have the knack for following your instructions or wishes or pegs. If you are someone who doesn’t know make-ups at all, find someone who could pick the right colors for you. Trial make-up session is very important coz then you’d get an idea on how you’d look like on your wedding day. S/he should make you look like a better you.

6. Don’t be shy to ask about their make-up tools. It is important that your make-up artist is using top-notch make-up tools and cosmetics. I mean a wedding lasts an entire day. Them make-up should stay put, right? And you don’t expect cheap make-up to last that long. Plus you could justify their rates according to the brand of make-up products they use. If the rates’ too high but they are only using drugstore cosmetics then you are not getting value for your money. You could also ask if they have a make-up chair, if they have lights on their make-up table, how often they clean their brushes. Everything you want to know, ask away!

7. They should be hands on. If you book a make-up artist, clarify with them if they’ll be the one who’ll do your make-up or if they might send somebody else. If you are okay with them sending somebody else, I suggest you do a trial make-up session with that back up make artist too. I really appreciate a make-up artist whose very hands on. The make-up artist we booked for my best friend joined us on location during the prenup photoshoot. She would adjust the hair, do a minor retouch, everything. And I appreciate that. Some make-up artist would do your hair and make-up and stay on the room while you shoot. Although it’s kinda okay. But honestly, the extra effort really matters.


8. They should be able to highlight your best asset and improve your not-so-good features. A good make-up artist would really make sure that they highlight your best features and improve the not-so-good ones. You should be a prettier version of yourself.

Good luck on your wedding preps!! Let me know if you have more tips to share, comment away.

** Make-up artist featured in this blog post is Mhec Gado. Bride is Joie Relevante.


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