Review: Captain America Civil War (2016)

Last night, our friends from Alaska invited me and my friend to catch the special screening of Captain America Civil War

I said yes right away because it’s Cap and Iron Man. Who the hell say no to them?!! Hihihi..

Anyway, before I blab about my Civil War experience, please note that I am not a movie expert. I am just someone who love movies and gushes over them super handsome super heroes. So yeah. All you’ll read are the first hand experience of a movie and super hero lover.

So how was it?

It was beyond awesome. Definitely my favorite, and the best, Marvel movie so far. And they gave the other superhero movie franchises a run for their money. Tough act to beat. Definitely!

What made it super super awesome? Imagine – Team Captain America ( with Hawk Eye, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Wanda and Ant-Man) vs Team Iron Man (with Black Widow, War Machine, Black Panther, Vision and the young Spiderman). On one epic battle!! With loads of comedy, and chitchat c/o of Spidey Boy, at the sides. The stunts, the fight scenes. Grabe lang. So this is how superhero friends fight. They fight like a super hero with reservations. You could really tell that they are indeed friends at the end of the day. And that they are only fighting what they believe in.

Dito ko din napatunayan that you could be on two opposing sides and be both right. Magkalaban sila pero pareho silang tama. It’s just a matter of how you want it done. And if hindi mo pepersonalin, you could actually end up being friends. Be on the opposing sides but still friends and respect each other. Hello hard core political die hard friends. Hahahaha! #hugot

I also love that fight scene between Iron Man and Captain America. Promise!!! I’m torn!! Parang binibiyak ang puso ko just watching them. But the scenes are really, really good. And the story is interesting. May puso. May kirot. May substance. Which is not so typical on super hero movies. Usually, if I’m watching movies like Captain America, I only look for great fight scenes and lots of abs. Hahaha! But with this one, the storyline is really good. The script is well written. Perfect comedic timing. And great execution of fight scenes.

I told you, this is really one movie that you shouldn’t dare miss. I just wish they got Thor also. Pero sabi nga nung friend ko, nasa Winter War pala si Thor. Hahahaha! Nagkamali ng war na sinalihan.
Go and watch. Promise. Worth it ulit ulitin! I probably would.


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