Review: Human Nature's Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in 02 Sun-kissed

As part of my #GoingNatural peg, I got myself Human Nature’s Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in 02 Sun-kissed.

I haven’t tried mineral make up ever. This is my first time to use such product. I opted for the Human Nature line because I really believe in the product. I use a couple for myself and the baby plus it’s really super affordable.

I am already a fan of crème blush but I still went and tried this one. So how was it?

I honestly like it. Been using it for several months now. I think the shade I opted is perfect for me. It really gave me that sun-kissed cheek that I so wanted. I love that it’s light too and that it stays longer. I usually don’t have to retouch at all! Which is saying something for a powdered blush. My experience with powdered blush before is that I need to constantly retouch. Which I so hate that’s why I went for crème blush instead. But this mineral blush stays longer on my skin for some unknown reason. I also love that it never gave me a putok na putok sa blush look. Alam mo yun? Yung parang bilog on the cheeks? Probably because the shade I opted is really excellent for my morena skin, it blends perfectly well with my skin tone. Parang wala lang talaga but still noticeable. Para nga lang sun-kissed. Just the way I like it.

I just don’t like the packaging. The color is just a bit, hmmmm. I think it looked a bit cheap. And the brush that goes with it is not really nice. But I still use it because I don’t want to bring extra brushes anymore but I hope they could improve on it more. Or maybe at least the packaging. Try a little color perhaps? Purple just doesn’t fit. Or maybe this shade of purple is really not nice.

But aside from that, I’m all happy with my blush. And thinking that it’s 100% natural and safe is making me extra happy. Actually, I never had problems with irritation at all. If not, I find this product light on the skin.

Actually, I have a lot of stash here that I’m itching to review. I’ slowly building my make up stash and I’m almost there. Yehey!!

Probably a video tutorial soon. So watch out for that as well.


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