Review: The Roommate by Rosie Danan


I finally got myself a kindle! After I got back to reading (thank you It Ends With Us), I made sure I won’t have any more excuse to be on hiatus again, so I got myself a Kindle Paperwhite 4. And oh my goodness it’s LOVE!!

Anyway, let's talk about my kindle some other time and let us focus on this wonderful book - The Roommate.

It's a very unique book. It's a story about a young socialite and a porn star who fell in love. It talks about sex and orgasm ALOT but it is one of the most honest books I ever read. It talks about the struggles to fit in, to be the perfect daughter, to be accepted, and to be  shameless or shame less.

I love that story arc about the porn star's mother saying, "I am hurt not because you choose to have sex on camera, but because you did not trust us enough to love you despite your chosen career". And really, how many times have we gotten hurt or hurt the people we love just because we assume. Because we did not trust them enough to know that they would love us and accept us no matter what.

I love the way this book talks about sex. The two sides of it. One that is all about the physical side of it. Because really, for some it's just it. A physical need. And probably it's okay. As long as you are safe and you are doing it on your freewill, then who are we to judge those people who wants casual sex? But of course there's the side of sex that is more intimate. More... felt. And you have to be careful because it's so easy to get swayed. And it is important that you know yourself, understand yourself and is honest with your partner. I mean, this book would really open your eyes on a lot of things. And it'll give you different perspective on issues and topics that is less talked about. I find it, refreshing.

So if you are looking for a light read, this book is just for you. Lately, I have been consuming light reads as a way to destress.


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