Review: Silk Secrets in Milk (One Minute Hot Oil Treatment)

Okay, I have a secret. And let me share it with y’all!

Watson’s Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment in Milk (Php 169.00)
I was introduced to this hot oil treatment by my friend Len. I have been crying over my dry, dull, frizzy and falling hair for quite some time now and she said I should give this One Minute Hot Oil thing a try.

You see, I’d usually treat my dry hair by a visit to my Tita’s salon but since I got pregnant, I am banned from her salon until I pop. So getting this was really a great help! It gave my hair the life it lacks.

Another major issue of mine is the falling hair. Actually, my hair is just brittle. It’s not falling from the roots. Nalalagas lang while I comb kasi nga it’s soooo dry and combing my hair is really a huge task. Super daming tangles and even though I put conditioner on it, hindi kaya! My Tita said I should finger comb my hair first and let it dry before brushing/combing it to avoid hair breakage. But my issue with letting it dry first is that, mas mahirap suklayin! They say that pregnancy hormones are supposed to make your hair prettier and your nails grow faster. Mukhang hindi nakuha ng buhok ko ang memo na dapat na syang gumanda by this time!

And all of my hair dilemma was solved by Silk Secrets.


* It made my hair silky smooth. As in silky silky smooth that finger combing it in the morning is usually enough. Of course, I’d fan-dry it before leaving the house so it won’t get damaged further.

* It has a thick consistency making it easy to use and tipid. You don’t need to put too much coz a little can go a long way.

* Because it’s silky smooth, combing it is much easier. And the smoothness lasts the whole day. Until next day pa nga!

* It’s safe for everyday use. I use this one instead of conditioner. So I ditched my conditioner now. Tipid.

* It’s a one minute treatment so you don’t have to wait long. Usually, I’d leave this on my hair as I wash my body. Hindi nakakadelay ng paliligo.

* It’s smells oh so good! Like milk! Like condensed milk actually. And the smell lasts the whole day. The companion loved it.

* It’s affordable. One tub costs a little over a hundred bucks and it would usually last for 4-5 weeks. Everyday ko yan ginagamit huh!

So go ahead girls. Try it out! Promise you won’t regret. Smile Our hair is our crowning glory. We should always take care of it. Never let a bad hair day ruin your mood ever again!


  1. I am using it and I'm pregnant just worry maybe not safe but then I read it.. Salamat for this info. 😗🤗

  2. I understand what you are saying in this blog but hot oil is benefits for our hair. Because my hair is very thin.
    Thank you...


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