Review: Just the 3 of Us (2016)

Last week, me and the #FabSkye’s ninangs went for a movie night. One of her Ninang’s golden rule when it comes to watching movies – bawal gumamit ng madaming braincells. She only wants light movies, preferably comedies, and just easy to watch. Bawal ang mga Inception levels or Civil War levels na madaming fight scenes.

So when I saw the latest RomCom of JL and Jennylyn, I know it fitted the bill and so I asked them to watch with me.

This movie is hilarious. Super funny. Very light. Walang arte pero may puso. Major kilig. Very light drama with a nice storyline.

Jen and JL has chemistry! Promise nakakakilig silang dalawa. Jen is super funny and sexy! And ang payat ni JL at nawawala ang tyan nya!!!! Kalurks! Everytime may scene where he is wearing boxer shorts, parang ang haba haba ng legs nya kasi ang payat na nya. And Jen is really telling the truth when she said na, ngitian ka lang ni JL, hay jusko!! Ewan ko ba.

I highly recommend this film! Sana abutan nyo pa sa movie houses. I am really looking forward sa DVD neto. Bibili talaga ako. Definitely one of my favorite JL films. Sobrang nakakatawa. Sobrang kilig. Sana may next Jen and JL movie na. Can’t wait!!!

Go and watch. Then let’s chicka shall we?


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