Review: Asian Secrets Whitening Scrub and Herbal Soap


Earlier this month, our friends from Asian Secrets gave us a stash of their Lulur Indonesian Whitening Scrub and 2-in-1 Anti-Pimple & Whitening Face & Body Herbal Soap. 2 of their best sellers!! Plus some good news. They are on sale for the entire month of May! Yay!

I shared about the good news on my IG earlier this month. For those of you who’s not following me on IG (follow me pronto! @reigningstill), well, you still have a couple more days. So go get one na!

I’m here to share my review of the products. The second I received my stash, I immediately gave it a test drive. I’m nuts on anything skin-care these days. Yeah! Yeah! Coz I’m 32 that’s probably why. Anything that promises a healthier, smoother skin for me, I’m all good.

According to the packaging, Lulur Indonesian Whitening Scrub has green tea and vitamin e. Both are known to be great for the skin. It has a very mild flowery scent that’s perfect for me. I love doing body scrub once a week to remove all the dead skin build up on my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my morena skin and I’m proud of it. I also don’t believe that you have to be white to be called pretty coz hello?! Chanel Iman! Zoe Saldana! Hale Berry! My gulay.

But I do use whitening products to even out my skin. You see, I still have a couple of unwanted dark spots after pregnancy. Naiwan sila. Ewan ko anong ganap at nagpa-iwan ang iba. When I was single, I have this really nice even color. Di maputi pero even. As in unlike some na pag hinubaran mo, parang may sando at shorts padin. Kasi maputi ang upper legs pero dark ang lower legs. I’m not like that. My skin is even. No dark spots. No unwanted spots. But then pregnancy happens and I am left with a little dark neck, a little dark inner thighs, etc. Nakakaloka!

I hope Asian Secrets could help me with my personal body dilemma. So far, after several weeks of use, I am seeing a little improvement. And well, the body scrub is LOVE. Kahit siguro di ako pumuti keri lang kasi ang sarap nya talaga sa pakiramdam. After using the scrub, my body felt rejuvenated and a whole lot cleaner and lighter. Ang bango pa!

The herbal soap however is very gentle on my skin. I don’t like whitening soaps coz they are super harsh on the skin. As in I would end up having super dry, kawawa skin after. But with this herbal soap, it’s a totally different story. It’s very gentle on my skin and leaves my skin soft and supple.

Go and try it out. You still have until the 31st of May to avail of their promo. Go and grab your Asian Secrets stash from your favorite groceries and department stores nationwide!


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