What We Need to Know on Washable Face Mask Plus Review

Wearing face mask is now a huge part of the new normal. I have always been a face mask wearer even before COVID especially when commuting but this time, it's like A MUST.

And I know that there are a lot of face masks in the market right now, so here I am sharing the ones I tried for a quick review. Just in case you wanna try them too.

Most of these are washable face masks because I know that most are going on that route but I will also explain why we opted to follow even if they say that medical-grade ones are more effective.

Why We Use Washable Face Masks

1. Surgical or medical-grade mask supplies are very limited these days. We know that there is like a global demand of these masks for our front liners and ayoko maki-agaw sa kanila. They are the ones who need it the most. We should allow our front liners to use them. I believe that medical-grade masks should be reserved for our health care workers and those taking care of sick relatives.

2. Because of the high-demand, low supply ratio I mentioned above, medical grade mask prices are over the top. Like most are 4 times their value last February when I got our last supply of medical grade masks. Just no.

3. Some cheaper "surgical face mask" option being sold on online are of very low quality. Some are 2 ply. Some are not using the same material. I know because I have a really sensitive skin. I was able to try one when I went for a quick grocery run and I had rashes. Told you I have been a face mask user for years (hello allergic rhinitis), so I know that a lot of the ones being sold online especially on Shopee or FB marketplace are substandard. So no! Mahal na nga, pangit pa quality? Di bale na!

4. It is more environment friendly. As much as possible I want to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable. I just don't want to add up to the crazy amount of trash we already have. Now more than ever, we should start to love our mother nature. Like, really!

When Is It Okay To Use Washable Face Mask

When you are not sick or just going to relatively low-risk places like a quick grocery run or just going out of the house to throw your trash or something. Even while walking the dog or driving around.. Then a multi-layer washable, breathable face mask should be sufficient.

For me, a good quality washable face mask should be:
1. They must fit snugly and comfortably against your face. They must be secured with ties or ear loops which are preferably adjustable.
2. They must have multiple layers of fabric. Preferably water repellent or heavy weight cotton on the outside layer and satin or silk on the inside layer to avoid face rashes.
3. They must be allow breathing without restriction especially for kids or asthmatic people.
4. They should be easy to wash without changing the shape of the mask.

With all of those in mind, here are my review of some of the washable face masks I got for our family.


Price: 199Php
Details: Made with double-layer fabric (150gsm, fluid resistant polyester satin) that fit standard face mask safety requirements. Filtration efficient. Comfortable, fitted position around nose and mouth. Adjustable satin earloops.

This is probably my favorite washable face mask. It is made from satin so it doesn't irritate my skin. The adjustable ear loops make it comfortable to wear and doesn't irritate my ears unlike the garterized ones. It has a pocket for disposable inserts in case you want added protection.

The mood mask filters are waterproof so I feel more secured in using it. Even if they are not medical-grade I think it gives enough air filtration for everyday use  or quick grocery runs.

They are also very pretty. I mean, look at the prints!! I feel so sashal just using it. It is also well-made and the fit is just perfect. I find it is a little bit more difficult to breath in it but a little adjustment makes it all perfect.

I got two of these because I use it mostly when going out and I usually wash my masks right away after going out.

These for me is the best mask I ever got and would probably use it longer.


Price: 100Php
Details: Washable and reusable face mask for kids 2-8yrs old. Made of two layers of cotton fabric (printed on the outside and plain white inside), and high quality garter straps.

This is a really breathable face mask. The fabric is a bit thin with less thread counts but since this is meant for toddlers and young children, it is best to be more breathable.

It is very easy to wash and dry. It dries really fast probably because it's made of thin fabric.

I had to tie the garter to fit the #FabSkye snugly but this is a good all-around face mask.

She would usually wear it when she accompanies me in walking the dog or if we'll go to the rooftop where they could play and run and get a bit of sun.

My children are always always inside the house anyway so this mask is really just for the rare times when we had to go out within the condo.

One good thing about this mask is the price. It's just 100Php.


Price: 345Php for Pack of 3 (Now on sale at 294Php)
Details: Not a medical mask. US FDA approved. Washable. Reusable. Soft. Comfortable. Used to block dust and pollen or particles 2.5 micrometers and up.

This sponge mask is one of the most comfortable face mask I've tried. It really fits snugly on the face and is very gentle on the skin. It is effective in blocking smoke and dust so I would also use it at home when sweeping the floor or attending to my dog.

Each pack contains 3 sponge masks that could be washed for up to 15 times. I wash mine every 5 days since I only use it when I tend to my dogs for about 5 mins. Hehehe.. Or I wash it right after using it outside the condo for a quick grocery run.

When Not To Use a Washable Face Mask

As I've said we usually wear washable face mask most of the time. But I managed to save some of the surgical face mask I hoarded last February for those instances where washable face mask is not advisable like going to the hospital (which we haven't done since ECQ thank God!) or when taking care of sick relatives (which hasn't happened yet since ECQ, again thank God!). But we have it on hand just in case.

I got these from Babymama.ph last February for only 250Php per box of 50. Now it costs 1000Php!! I still have 1 box left which I hope we won't ever use.

I also have disposable kids face mask for the #FabSkye here but Garfield also sent us some face shield. When we have to go down the condo building to walk our dog, I would make the #FabSkye wear it for added protection. I am thinking we could also use it in the future when we really have to go out of the house (which we are praying we won't ever have to).

I hope this blog post was able to help you on your washable face mask journey.

These are trying times and information is really key to survival these days.


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