Review: Itaewon Class

I have been watching K-dramas since my maternity leave days. It has kept me sane and busy and just takes away all those bad jujus.

Anyway, I recently finished this really popular series by Korean superstar Park Seo Joon.

Itaewon Class is about this young, rightful man named Park Saeroyi who stood up against a bully from school. That day is the start of a series of unfortunate events caused by this father and son duo, who happens to own the biggest food chain company in SoKor where his father works for several years.

He was kicked out of school, his father lost his job and eventually died in a car accident. The driver, as you could've probably guessed is the the bully son of the chairman.

When he let his anger consume him, he hurt the son and he was imprisoned for several years. Inside the prison, he realized that the best way to get revenge is to build his own empire and crush the company of the father and son.

That plot alone is just so so so good. It is interesting, it is very much uplifting and it would just make you realize that big dreams do come true with so much hard work.

It took him 15 years to get his revenge. But he got it on the sweetest way possible.

The series would also make you realize that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to make huge sacrifices. He did physical labor for 6 yrs so he could save up for his start up business. He worked triple hard building his business from ground up. He sacrificed his love life because he is focused in achieving his dream.

It would also remind you that having a solid long term plan is crucial in one's success. As well as building relationship with people he trusts.

It also shows that a woman's love knows no bounds. I am so so inspired by Yi Seo's love to Saeroyi. He bet her life on the man. When the man he love says "I wanna be rich", she answers "I'll make you rich". When those bad guys showed up and hurt his man, she says "They hurt you, so I'll kill them". What an empowered woman!

I want my daughter to have that kind of mindset. I hate the damsel in distress kind of girl. I want my daughter to understand that she could also protect the people she loves. Instead of waiting for a man to love her and turn her into a princess.

I am also impressed by Hyeon yi's character. The transgender head chef who faced the world and won them their first major investment deal. And you have to watch that super girl power scene which was actually shown on Women's Day.

Aside from the wonderful story line and character development, this series just screams perfection. Everything from casting, the acting, direction, location, cinematography and most of all the sound track They nailed it!

And it is easily, for me, one of the best K-drama ever.

Itaewon Class is available on Netflix. Enjoy!


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