Review: Mockingjay Part 2 (2015)

I spent my Friday night at the cinema with my Babe and our travel buddies. Of course, we just had to catch last installment of our beloved Hunger Games series - Mockingjay.

So how was it? Well, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter what I say because you will still watch it nonetheless. Harhar! This series is too iconic to miss. :) But I will tell you my thoughts about it...

First, I really hope there are more Katniss-Peeta scenes. I am a huge #TeamPeeta because I read the book. I know a lot of girls are #TeamGale because, Liam Hemsworth. Bow. Hahahaha! But on the book you would really feel that it was Peeta. It has always been Peeta since book 1. Ever since she realized that Peeta would do everything for her. Ever since that first kiss on the 74th Hunger Games. It has always been Peeta. But the games, the horror, the trauma made it difficult for Katniss. For both of them. But only Peeta could understand Katniss. He is the only one she needs.

That, is what's missing on this film. The heart behind the characters. The pain. The trauma. The love. That Primrose bombing scene was even lacking some depth.

I was also wishing for some more action scenes. It was the WAR anyway. The action scenes on the first part of the film was crazy okay. But I find it lacking on the later part. Sabi nga nung friend ko, "yun na yun? Lakad lakad lang tapos na?".

But JLaw is definitely excellent. Iba sya uy! And Hutcherson and Hemsworth are really perfect for the job. That girl who played the role of Johanna also deserved a standing ovation. This is such a stellar cast and everyone delivered with flying colors.

I just miss the crazy funny antics of Haymitch, the craziness of Effie, Caesar. Some of the supporting characters just pass by. I didn’t even notice them. Sad.

So, should you watch it? Definitely! Hey! You do not miss the final installment of the Hunger Games. Just because. :)

Hay, I will miss Katniss. And Peeta.


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