Make Your Own Havaianas 2013!


It’s that time of the year once again. It’s time to make your own Havaianas and have fun while doing so. We tried it last year and we sure enjoyed a lot so we promised ourselves that we’d do it again this year. I’m a flipflop kind of girl and Havaianas is one of my favorites. But the fact that I can design my own pair and have all the bragging rights of doing so makes me giddy.

And so my sissy, our little pogi nephew Sapsap, the companion and I went to The Rockwell Tent for the annual MYOH!

As usual, we were greeted by the nice Havaianas people as we enter the tent. And plus points for us as we we’re prioritized because of Sapsap. They say that if you have a baby or if you’re with PWD, you no longer have to line up and wait for your turn to enter the tent. Yay! Anyway, we arrived at around 2:30 PM so it’s not yet too crowded.


This year’s theme is all about IMAGINATION. And Havaianas’ special sole this year is a collaboration with a Filipino artist named Dan Matutino – a glow in the dark one. And so it all made sense that we we’re greeted by these glow in the dark, huge flipflops upon entering the tent. The little boy was amazed at what he’s seeing. And the kids at heart sure had fun. :)


And now it’s time for my favorite part – doing the mix and match! Sissy wants the special sole and I really want to get myself the slim sole because I don’t own a pair yet. And though I also wanted the special sole for myself, I just gave in. One thing great about having a sister with the same shoe size as yours is that you expand your shoe collection. Ayoko na bumili nung special sole, hihiramin ko na lang yung kanya! \m/


Even the little boy had fun doing the mix and match. That’s his I-am-seriously-thinking-of-my-sole+strap+pins-combo look. Well actually he’s just having fun spinning the wheel. Isa syang malaking sagabal sa seryoso naming pag iisip.


And now it’s time to make our own pair! Last year, we visited on the last day of the MYOH event and madami ng not available. Like the pins that we wanted and some colors for our size. And that’s why we decided to go on a Saturday this year – 2nd to the last day. But there are still some items that are no longer available. The Dan Matutina sole is no longer available on our size (33-34) so we got the 35-36 instead. A size bigger but since it’s flipflops anyway, it’s no big deal. They just put a strap for 33-34 so we can still have the same fit. Next year, sa first day na talaga kami pupunta!!


Presenting our very own Havaianas! :) I got the Slim Sole in Navy Blue + Metallic Gold Strap + Winged Skull Pin. Last year I am all for colors on my pair but now I want the simple one. I think I can wear this with anything on my wardrobe. While sissy got the Special Top Sole by Dan Matutina + Salmon Strap + Left and Right Wing Pins. This for me is love! I can see myself borrowing this over and over. Yay! Anyway, I really want the 3 stars pin but it’s no longer available. Huhuhuhu… But I still love my new pairs!


And oh! Our flipflop comes with this cutie reusable eco-friendly bags! And I love that they got coloring pens with it. So you can try and color the drawings on the bag. :) So artsy-fartsy. Me likey!


Sissy and Sapsap doing photo ops. :)


Sissy doing selfies while waiting for the nice Havaiana’s people to assemble our flipflops. :)


Sapsap and Ninag Chubz. :) The little boy is having tantrums already by that time. He wants to spin the flipflop wheels kaso hindi na pwede! Nakakahiya na.


Mimi and Sapsap – on our way to the event. We were doing selfies at the backseat to entertain the little boy.


Mimi, Ninang Chubz and Sapsap – more selfies at the back seat. And oh! Don’t you luuuurve our lippies? :) Yey for red lipchooks!


The Ate who’s doing our pair graciously offered to take our pictures coz according to her, maganda ang view from her place. And voila! Oo nga naman! Kita yung giant hot air balloon of flipflops! Thanks Ate! That’s one thing I love the most on MYOH events, the people there are all oh so nice! Lakas maka good vibes!

Anyway, our MYOH2013 experience was a blast! I am already excited for next year. :)

You can still catch the Make Your Own Havaianas event at The Rockwell Tent tomorrow. It’s their last day so you better hurry up. They open at 10AM so make sure you give them a visit! Hurry!




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