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I welcomed 2013 with this look. :) I’ve read somewhere in the internet that green, blue and purple are the lucky colors of 2013. And because I can’t choose one color to for my New Year’s eve look, I wore all! :) You know me! I’ll have everything if I can. Hihihih..


I’ve had this top for the longest time and I haven’t worn it once. Maybe because of the very low side cut. And I am too chubz to layer! Hahahaha.. Thank the Fashion Gods for bandeaus, they are my New Year’s eve outfit savers. This bandeau is actually a personal favorite for I can wear it as a skirt (see here) or as a tube top like what I did here. Flexible items simply expand your closet so I must say invest on them. :)

And of course, the main reason why I really opted for this top is because of the print – WONDERFUL! I am wishing and praying for a wonderful 2013. And I’m claiming it. :)


My look is actually heavy on the blues and greens (which actually looks good together) but I really want to incorporate all the lucky colors so pinilit kong maghanap ng purple. I tried this purple beaded bracelet and it worked! Wow! Purple, blue and green can actually look good together. :) I love fashion and its endless possibilities.


Don’t you just love how colorful I am? :) And yes! I’m wearing flipflops for this post because they are part of the ensemble. Read blue and green flipflops. Buti na lang may make your own Havaianas at na-predict ng ex jowa ko na magiging lucky color ang blue and green. Hahahaha! Pasok sa banga ang tsinelas ko!!!



20130101_093451-vert-horzTop: I’ve had it for the longest time that I totally forgot where I got it :s | Shorts: Tiendesitas | Bandeau: Landmark | Flipflops: MYOHavaianas | Hat: from Cor | Clutch: from Cebu | Earrings: Random | Beaded Bracelet: Random or from Boracay (totally forgot) | Necklace: Steelworks by Silverworks | Lippies: Wet n’ Wild in Stop Light Red

So there you have it guys! My very colorful New Year’s outfit. :) Lakas makasaya ng madaming kulay. And of course, lakas maka-WONDEFUL ng top ko. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Much love from me.




P.S. I love the fact that I am actually wearing a sleeveless top here. I know my arms are a handful but this top definitely made miracles and they looked katanggap-tanggap! I just have to mention that you know?! :) Hahahahaha..


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