From day to night, I am the fairest of them all!

With Nuffnang’s special screening of Snow White and the Huntsman happening on a Friday night, right after my work, my major dilemma, as usual, is my outfit! Plus, I need to leave for Baler at 2AM the next day. The movie starts at 9:30 and ends at around 11:30ish. Giving me roughly around 2 and a half hours to go home, pack for Baler, freshen up, then head to Ayala where my friends would pick us up and then travel all the way to Baler! Whew! I know! I have a hectic schedule. Harhar.. Artista much?!
Oh well, and since I don’t want to bring my entire movie outfit to work and then eventually carry office outfit while watching the film, I thought of wearing something that’s office appropriate and also comfy enough for a movie night out.
The solution?! That perfect white polo shirt! :)
How can you go wrong with a white polo shirt? Right?! Comfy and it practically goes with everything. I just paired it with a nice fitting jeggings with print plus pink stilettos and I’m all set for a Friday at work.
I love how the prints on my jeggings shouts rockstar and how my pink stilettos complements my entire look by adding that little feminine touch. And of course, I had my huge glasses on. For that nerdy look. I also kept my accessories to a minimum since I’ll be changing later that night. Just my pink dangling earrings and a stone studded star ring. Just perfect addition to my simple yet very fashyown Friday wear.
White and Striped Polo Shirt from a Bazaar| Jeggings from a Bazaar | Pink Stilettos from People are People | Huge Red Glasses from a Bazaar | Pink Dangling Earrings from a friend | Star Ring from aM

For the movie, I wanted to be relax and comfy. I brought my favorite pair of maong shorts and then finish my entire outfit with Flipflops. Anything comfier than that?! :-P
Thrifted Maong Shorts | FlipFlops from MYOHavaianas | Black Handbag from Ayla

I always go to work wearing slippers. Oh my! I don’t want to break my ankle by wearing 6-inch stilettos while walking on the Makati Pavements! Hell no! And most of the time I leave my heels at work since I only wear them at the office. On the safety of the carpeted office! Harhar… So basically, I only got to bring those little shorts which fits my bag perfectly and brought home my jeggings. See?! Easy outfit change at that!
You girls might want to try them out. I know that for those working ladies like me, going out on a Friday is a hassle. I mean, we usually wear jeans on Fridays plus that dreadful dress code. So for those like me who wants to always look their best on every single event of their life, it is a disaster to look like you just got out of work and a dilemma to be party-ready at night or atleast movie-ready!
So you might want pull a leaf out of my book and try these. From jeggings to shorts. From stilettos to flipflops. (Erase Flipflops and keep the stilettos if you’re off partying of course!) Then a nice black handbag. :)
Who would’ve thought that I braved the MRT from Ayala just to get to the screening? That I am actually a working girl who was handling all the stress at the office?! No one!!! With that little change, I look like a movie critic off to check out the latest at the cinema! nyahahaha..


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