SERENDIPITY – fortunate accidents, finding something great while you’re not actually looking for it. It’ll always be my favorite word. And I will always associate that word with L-O-V-E.

Anyway, it was serendipity that I found this gorgeous location. It was just outside a fastfood chain near our home where my brother and sister and I dined one Sunday afternoon. But then I went out and saw the clear blue sky! Of course the blogger in me kicked in and I asked my sister to snap some look shots for the ze blog. Eh ano kung naka-tsinelas ako?? Hahahaha! Pwede na yan! Sayang ang background!!!!!

I love my back drop sooooo much! Perfect blue skies, those warm greens and the strong contrast of buildings and the pavement and the car! These are actually raw photos. I didn’t put filters to enhance it. I just cropped and put borders and combined them. Ang dali ng buhay blogger sa ganito kagandang background!! At ganito kagandang lighting!! @_@


So this is my normal weekend look. Some comfy top, shorts and flipflops. I actually went to the mall earlier that day with Mila hence the golds in my outfit but usually I’d settle for some casual accessories as well. Or if I’m with BoiBoi, I’d ditch the accessories. Ayokong masugatan ang mahal na prinsipe. Mas importante ang skin ni Boi kesa sa fashyown ko!



Oversized tops are perfect for short shorts. And what I’m wearing here is actually a shift dress that I tucked in my shorts for that flowy casual look. This is actually a fave of mine and I find it hard to wear since the fabric is too thin. Its kinda see-through already. BUT don’t you just love the print? Its Paris dear! Its Paris!!

And yeah well, I paired the gorgeous top with floral shorts just to add to that summer peg and finish off with the flipflops para wagas ang feeling komportable nasa beach! :)


summer04Dress (worn as top): Random from US | Floral Shorts: Divisoria | Flipflops: MYOHavaianas | Bag: Secosana | Earrings and Gold Bangles: all from Divisoria | Hair: Goody Spin Pins

Its almost weekend dear readers!!! :) I’m soooo excited! Darn this insomnia. I haven’t got a decent sleep these past days. By the way, if you have any suggestions on how I could cure this stupid insomnia, please feel free to leave a comment or tweet me or email me or FB message me or whatever! I will forever be in your debt if you’d help me! I love you in advance.




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