Review: Dennis The Grill Boy


I was introduced to this place by my friend Roxsan, who happens to love it because it serves unlimited rice and the food was great plus it’s super affordable. Ever since I tried it a couple of years ago, it has been one of my favorites.

It’s actually just a fast food chain that offers Filipino food. According to my friend, it used to be called “Pupung and Friends” and they don’t why it was changed to Dennis The Grill Boy. But even before, they still have those comic strips around the store which shows the adventures of Dennis (used to be Pupung). I find it fun to read the comic strips actually kahit ulit ulit naman sya.

The place is a bit cramped though. And expect loads of people lining up. They are kinda sikat! Siguro dahil unli rice. But the place is clean and the staff are efficient. I’ve been to the place loads of times already and I never had an issue whatsoever.

And now let’s talk about the main deal, the food…

20130427_095028Dennis Grilled Liempo (Php 98.00)

This is my usual order. I love love love their Inihaw na Liempo specially the white garlic (?) sauce. The pork is tender and juicy. And the sauce is heaven! I swear. Even the companion loved it. The java rice that goes with it is also perfect. I am not a big fan of rice so this 1 cup is enough for me. Anyway, their unlimited rice is just the regular one. I love my java rice waaaay better.

20130427_095052Crispy Pork and Mango Salad (Php 63.00)

This is that one dish that I always order every time I visit the place. Ever since my friend Desi had me try it on my very first visit. To say that I fell in love with the dish is an understatement. I would crave for it sometimes and would have to drag myself all the way to MOA just to get my hands (or mouth) on this. It has very crispy pork bits with generous amount of mango and tomato and onions and shrimp paste (bagoong). It’s heaven I tell you!

20130427_095932Betty’s Crispy Pork Sisig (Php 89.00)

This is another favorite. I love love love sisig! Kaya kong umubos ng 2 order ng sisig (yung nasa sizzling plate) all by myself. Ask Stanley Chny. Harhar! I know it doesn’t look appetizing on the above picture but believe me, it’s super yummy. Hindi ko kasi order yan, sa new friend ko yang food na yan. Pinigilan ko lang syang lantakan yung sisig para mag photo op. Kaso waley! Blurred! #fail

Anyway, Betty’s Crispy Pork Sisig is really crispy. Just don’t pair it with Crispy Pork and Mango Salad kasi mauumay ka sa crispy pork tapos sasakit batok mo after. Pwede mo sya ipa-order sa kasama mo tapos kumuha ka ng mga 2 kutsara para sakto lang! :) Or if bet mo yang sisig, make sure you get the Salad as add on lang para hindi heavy. Told you I’m a fan of this place, memorize ko na ang perfect food combo.

20130427_095925Annie’s Lechon Kawali (Php 99.00)

This is another favorite. Though I don’t like Mang Tomas, which happens to be the sauce that comes with it. I like with the white garlic sauce as well. I guess you can ask for extra sauce or have it replaced. Haven’t tried it yet. I think I should on my next visit.

Anyway, the lechon kawali is paired with garlic rice and an atchara on the side. I don’t like atcharas so I would usually leave them on the plate. But infairness to Dennis the Grill Boy, even their atchara is decent enough for me. I would say it’s even delicious if only I’m a fan.


I am not a fan of pancit canton. Bihon, I like. But canton, not really. This is the first time that I ever got to try it because it’s my friend’s order. Surprisingly, the canton is good. I hate those starchy pansit. That’s why I don’t like canton because the noodles are thick and starchy, but this one is not. And oh I love the sauce.

20130427_095111Laing (Add On Php 25.00)

The companion wants the Laing. The waitress asks me if I want it as add on and I just said yes without really thinking about it. And so we we’re served with a teeny tiny serving of Laing which made me and friends laugh our pants out. It’s seems like they only gave us 2 tablespoons of laing. Nyahahaha! But it was good. It has enough coconut and not too spicy.

Totally forgot to take a photo of the companion’s order – Crispy Boneless Chicken (Php 68.00). The companion’s all time favorite is friend chicken and sinigang. So if there’s friend chicken on the menu, he’d definitely go for it. I haven’t really tried the chicken but according to the companion it’s decent enough. But he still prefer chicken joy and my inihaw na liempo. He ate most of it anyway.

So, all in all this place is highly recommended if you want yummy Filipino food with unlimited rice on a very affordable price. This one is perfect for kuripot barkadas. Specially if you have some friends na kargador ang peg pagdating sa kainan.


Dennis The Grill Boy

SM Mall of Asia

G/F Unit 1128 SM Mall of Asia,Entertainment Mall, Seaside Blvd

Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay

(02) 556-0779



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