Review: My Perfect You (2018)

I was a bit skeptical in watching this film because I'm not a fan of Gerald Anderson, I actually find him annoying plus the trailer is kinda so so. But I really like Pia and I honesty love her on The Revenger Squad so yeah I gave in and watched this film and boy I'm so glad I did!!!

Alright, spoiler alert! I usually don't share spoilers on my blog pero di ko talaga kayang hindi because major spoiler ito. Plus, if wanna watch it, please please please don't read this! Para ma-feel nyo ang saya ng movie. Yung twist talaga ang nagdala promise!!!! But I recommend that you watch it because it is worth it!

Alright so eto na, my thoughts on My Perfect You:

1. Naniniwala na ako sa magic ni Cathy Garcia-Molina. Iba sya mag direct, galing nya magpalabas ng talent ng mga actors at nakakatawa na kaya pala sabi nya sa isang interview na sinabihan nya si Gerald na wag ng bumalik sa dating arte nya. Hahahhaa! Because darn! For the first time, I liked Gerald! As in I love him in this film! Ang gwapo gwapo nya and the acting?! Whoah!! Marunong naman pala umarte si baksh! Inasar nya pa ako ng ilang taon. Cheret!!! Pero honestly, ang galing ni Gerald dito. Take note ah, hater pa nya ko ng lagay na to. Pero I can't deny the fact na ang galing nya dito at ang gwapo nya dito.

2. Pia is Pia. Alam nyo bang yung part sa commercial na ginaya nya sa Bea? Yun lang talaga ang dahilan why I wanted to watch this. I love her comedic timing! I know it's corny but her delivery made it a whole level of funny. And here, she is dreamy! Really dreamy and beautiful and she could act! Bakit di sya sumikat dati? Well, probably because she has to earn that crown to give her the confidence she has now. Oh gosh! She is really the epitome of class and elegance. Galing!

3. During the first few minutes on the movie, I must admit that I find it lacking in some sense. I mean, yes the scenes are beautiful. Pia is funny. But the story line is kinda off. I was already thinking, anyare kay Direk Cathy? Bakit ganito to? Imagine, a guy lost his girlfriend and his job and then drove all the way to God-knows-where, met a beautiful lady and fell in love. It was picture-perfect, typical pocketbook love story, if you know what I mean. Though it's not boring because the scenes are beautiful talaga and Pia is funny plus Pia and Gerald has this undeniable on-screen chemistry. But oh boy! The plot twist happens!

4. Okay, let's talk technical first before I continue with the wonderful story-line -  the shots with Pia in it is just magical, dreamy and nice. The shots of Gerald and his real life is just painful and dark. Whoever did the cinematography is just genius. This type of movie kasi is difficult. You have to show the emotions on the screen. You have to create the vibe by playing with colors. you have to convey brightness and darkness and feelings. And so far, this movie delivered with flying colors. Watch it so you'd know what I'm talking about. Yung bawat shot talaga ramdam mo ang feelings. Galing!

5. Back to the story, that plot twist did it for me and it was awesome!!! Then the movie all made sense. Why I was thinking, grabe naman sa pagka-picture perfect tong movie na to. Grabe sa pagka-pocketbook ang story line. Yun pala, it was meant to be like that. Kaya pala My Perfect You because scenes with Pia is supposed to be perfect. Kaya pala nagtataka ako bakit sya umabot ng ganun kalayo. Wow it's just wow! What a bold attempt at making a film about mental health. Ang galing! It was done in such a way that explains everything. The stigma, the triggers. It aims to give hope to those suffering in it. I'm in owe!

So should you watch it? Definitely, the movie will stay with you for a long time. Mahirap maka-move on baksh!


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