Review: Be Somebody (2016)


Another movie I was able to catch on Netflix!

As usual teen chick flick again. Told ya I'm nutters with this kind of movie. Hahaha!

So anyway, here are my thoughts about this film and find out if you should stream this on Netflix too!

1. This is a film about a pop star who was able to spend a day with a girl and eventually fell in love. Actually, what got my attention was the fact that the guy looks like Biebs and the girl has a mild resemblance with Selena Gomez. Hihihihi!

2. Though the plot is nothing extra ordinary, and is actually super cliche, I loved it. Probably because I didn't really expect much. I mean, I'm just there for the kilig. And kilig I got.

3. I love that this film encourages the youth to follow their dreams. Though I don't think I agree with the way they did it. Watch it to find out. Nanay lang kasi ata talaga ako. Kurni na me!

4. I love the shots! And that poster is just super nice no?

5. I kinda don't like the leads. May problema ako kay Justin look-a-like. But they got chemistry. So yeah!


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