Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Our company treated us for a movie night out last Friday and we sure had loads of fun. Of course I had to drag the #ReigningTatay with me because it is a Marvel movie (kahit na di naman sya talaga fan ng Marvel kasi mas bet nya si FPJ).

Anyway, so how was it? 

I think it's a good movie. Specifically love the comedy and Paul Rudd. For me, he will always be Phoebe's husband kaya siguro bentang benta sa akin ang brand of comedy nya. Though the action scenes for me are a bit weird. It's good, of course. But just weird because of all the changing of the sizes and everything. That Ghost character for me is weird but I love that she was able to find that parental love with that Professor.

Overall, must-see movie padin talaga sya because it's Marvel and you should really watch all the Marvel movies para updated ka.

If you want a movie na may action, comedy, love story and some moral lesson - go watch this!


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