Review: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

It's been quite a while since I last posted a gadget review but I know I gotta post my review for my previous love, my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. Previous because I'm now using a different phone and this was lovingly passed to my sister (as usual).

Anyway, I've been a loyal Samsung user for years. I think I'm one of the early adopters of Samsung Galaxy and the Android system. I remember owning the Spica way back in 2009 or early 2010. Since then I've always been a fan. The longest phone I used is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and then the S4 Zoom. All of those lasted our family (me and my siblings) for more than 5 years.

I tried using cheaper brands but I found myself going back to my original love.

So do I like about this phone? Me and the #ReigningTatay love it so much that we got twinning phones. Harhar!

Features I Love:

Runs on Android. I am an android fan through and through. Tried using an iPhone and after more than a year I gave up! I just had to let it go because I don't like it at all. Not a fan.

It's by Samsung. I already stated my love for the brand above.

It's water resistant. I could wash it on running water. Dip it in the pool. I won't have a heart attack when the #FabSkye accidentally spilled water on it. Perfect for a mum with a toddler.

Cheap. I was thinking of getting another S series then but flagship phones are crazy expensive! I just can't bear the thought of spending almost 40 freaking thousand pesos for a phone. I'm sorry but that's too much. So this mid-range phone for me is acceptable.

Does the job. Yeah. Technically I'm okay with it because it does the job. I could use it surf, read, post on social media. It does not lag. It takes decent photos. Perfect size for my hand. It does the job. And I'm okay with it.

So you might ask why did I upgrade after a year of using it?

First because my sister needs a phone badly (her S4 zoom which is a hand me down from me as well is on the verge of giving up, it actually gave up forever the moment I handed her the A5 hahaha!). 

And second because I know I need a phone with a better camera. Yep! I guess that's one of the reasons why mid-range could never compete with flagship. Usually, it's the camera that suffers. A5 doesn't have OIS (optical image stabilization) so most of the time if my hands shaky, I would end up with blurry photos. The video quality is sub-par specially on low light or indoors. 

Plus honestly, I need a bigger RAM. I am such a techie, and I live off my phone most of the time so I have loads of apps installed so I need bigger memory.

I got another flagship phone but not from Samsung. It's the cheapest flagship out there and the camera is a-mazing. It's a little bit expensive but ze husband will pay for it so who am I to say no? Harhar!

Anyway, if you are looking for a decent phone for everyday use - I highly recommend this phone. Though they already have the latest A8 which looks so much better but still no OIS and a little bit more expensive.

How about you mumsh? What do you usually look for when buying a mobile phone?

P.S.: It's very obvious who I talk to most of the time. Hello bestfriend of Je's Anatomy!


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