Naval Stripes

Wore this on a cinema date (Four Sisters and a Wedding) with the siblings and the cousins and the companion. We went to Lucky China Town Mall in Binondo hence the sweater. Plus it’s raining earlier that day. Hahahaha! Halata bang defensive ako sa ginaw-na-ginaw look ko? (Do I sound defensive?)

I love Lucky China Town cinemas. The seats are spacious and it’s inclined so the petite girls like me won’t have to suffer with the head-blocking-view. Why won’t all cinemas be like that?? Why?? I mean, I always end up choosing the first row seats in the cinema because I’m sure if someone seats in front of me (and most likely s/he’ll be taller than I am), I won’t be able to get a full view of the screen. #pandakproblems

Anyway, Lucky China Town Mall cinemas are also freezing cold. The sister and I watched Man of Steel there a couple of weeks back and I was freezing by the time I left the cinema. So this time I came prepared. Loved the cozy sweater and the way it hugged me and warmed my body. I want more of this please!

Also, I wore the exact same ensemble a couple of weeks back at work sans the flats. Of course, I wore my beautiful heels.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m on an all blue outfit and I love it. It looks clean and crisp and office appropriate even if my skirt is a bit short. Of course, I pull down the skirt as low as I can while inside office premises. Dress codes are to be followed at all times!

Sweater: Nautica | Skirt: Thrifted | Gold Flats: Payless | Heels: Gibi Shoes Collection | Bag: Celine (CLN) | Earrings: Divisoria | Hair: Goody Spin Pins

How’d you like my look?
I’m currently down with severe tummy ache because apparently, I am acidic once again. Was even rushed to the ER yesterday at around 3AM. I’m still not feeling well. I still get occasional tummy aches and I swear, when I say it hurts… it damn well hurts like crazy!! I am now taking a gazillion of meds and I’m not allowed to eat a gazillion other things. I just wish I’d be well soon. I have tons of events lining up. I wanna attend to all of them!!



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