Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)


Just so you know, my sister is a big Enchong Dee fan. As in huge! I think her love for Enchong Dee is almost as huge as my love for Carlo Aquino. So it’s a no-brainer that she dragged us to the latest Enchong Dee film. Kelangan daw full support kami sa baby nya. :)

And there we were. All 6 of us – sissy, my brother, my cousin and her gf and the companion all went to the cinema to catch Four Sisters and a Wedding.

I didn’t expect anything. Well, based on the trailer (which I must say is not that teasing), it looks like a comedy film. About 4 older sisters trying to stop their baby brother from marrying a chararat (ugly) girl he just met 4 months ago.

So basically, I didn’t put my hopes up. I just expect to be entertained. Anyway, it stars Toni and Angel and Bea - 3 of the best actresses we got here. That alone made this film worth my money.

But boy! I love the film!!!! I love it so so much.

Carmi Martin’s portrayal of chararat’s mom is just hilarious. She’s this super rich, ex-beauty queen mom with heavily botox’ed face and a fake Russian accent making her extra funny!! I swear! You’d even notice that the suppressed laughter of the 4 sisters are all real. It’s probably super hard to film because they can’t contain their laughter.

Janus Del Prado is good as usual and equally funny. I think him being Toni’s bf here is a big break for him considering he’d portray the part really well. And I must agree with my bestfriend, him and all the other JL sidekicks must have a sitcom. Palibhasa Lalake type of sitcom. I swear! It’ll be a huge hit. Calling Ma’am Charooooo!!!

Of course Angel Locsin and Toni Gonzaga and Bea Alonzo are all great. OMG! That big family confrontation scene made me cry buckets. Ang galing nilang lahat especially Bea. I feel her character there. I was really crying hard because her lines hit home. You must watch it. It’s actually a great film. It shows the real side of families. I mean, not really super real and all because it’ll be so boring if not done artistically but it’s as real as it gets. The entire cinema was crying. As in with singhot-singhot cry. And I haven’t cried on the cinema that much. Mas nakakaiyak sya sa “sana ako nalang.. ako na lang ulet” line of Basha. You must watch!

I love love LOVE it!! Worth every cent.

And oh! I must mention (for my sister’s happiness) that Enchong Dee did great in this movie. I didn’t know he could actually act until I watch him earlier. Aba! Aba! Aba!!! May potential si kuya.




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