Review: Hotel Transylvania (2012)


I’m so sad that I wasn’t able to catch this film on 3D. It could have been perfect. :( Anyway, 3D or not, I loved it. It was funny, heartwarming and kilig. It’s your cartoonized Twilight. Hahahah.. But this time, it was a girl vampire. Oh well! Bella is already a vampire based on the final installment of that Twilight saga so there you go! :-P

G.p and I had a great time watching the film. Laughing at the silly antics of Count Dracula and Jonathan. Add the other hilarious characters like Frankenstein, the mummy, the wolves with so many little children and loads of other “monsters” that we grew up knowing and not to mention, fearing! It was fun seeing a different side of those monsters -  their good, loving side. *aaaaawwww*

We watched it at the Podium at around 9PM and was surprised that the cinema is actually full of children. Oh the parents nowadays. Whatever happens to “early to bed, early to rise, makes the children healthy, wealthy and wise”? Di na uso? I really think we should discipline our kids by ensuring that they sleep on time. Di ba?! Oh I’m such a lola I know.

Anyway, minus the fact that it was sooo late already, I did enjoy watching the film with the kids. Those little screams. Those sudden burst of laughter. Cute little giggles. Hahahaha.. Feeling bata din tuloy kami ni G.p. And to mention we find much enjoyable because we know that someone so innocent is enjoying it as well. Lakas maka-GV!

To the families out there, drag your kids and watch this film. It’s so much worth it. Promise!


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