I just finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower hence the title of the blog. Hahaha..

This is a super old post but since I was kinda lame this past few weeks plus that stint my lappy had at the service center, I wasn’t able to post it right away. This is another “I’m off to the mall.” look of mine. We usually watch movies every weekend and we all know that most movie houses are super cold, I always make it a point to bring a jacket. But jackets are kinda bulky. I mean, Philippines is still a tropical country and even though the climate is bipolar lately,  it is still freakin’ hot when it is freakin’ hot. So most of the time, I find myself holding my jacket when I’m outside the cinema which is super duper hassle.

Thank God for shawls. And thank heavens that the Philippines has finally embraced that trend. Hahahaha.. Here I am sporting a cutie skull shawl on my way to the cinema. Don’t you just love it? I use it to keep me warm and its very fashionable. Instant glam! Yay!

I promised you guys that I’ll be flooding you with blog posts right?! Here they are. I wish you a great week ahead dear readers. Much love from me.




Blue Striped Top: SM Department Store | Shorts: Random | Jelly Flats: Thrifted | Shawl: it was actually G.p’s | Foldable Wayfarers: Ray-ban | S3 Case: Cath Kidston

P.S. Deadma na sa fez ko! No make up and almost all wacky shots. :) Actually I ‘m trying to be wacky, mukha lang talaga kong wacky. Hahahahaha..


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