Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky)

I have been telling myself for ages now that I’ll get myself a copy of this book. But because I still have tons on my book case that is waiting to be read, I just can’t find the guts to buy one. So looking for an e-book copy is my second option. But since the movie is already out and I so wanted to read the book first before catching the film, I find myself one day at the National Bookstore holding a copy of this book and another old favorite – The Alchemist (for G.p).

I got it on a Friday night and finished reading Saturday morning. Yes! I just can’t bring it down. I got so engrossed on Charlie’s life that even though my eyes are hurting, I finished it in one go.

To say that I loved it would be an understatement. It would surely sit on my list of I-can-keep-reading-you-again-and-again books. Together with my Harry Potter series, Princess Diaries series, All American Girl, A Walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle and others. :) I am soooo glad that I got a copy of the real book because this one is a gem.

This book is a compilation of Charlie’s letters to his “friend”. Something like a diary of some sorts because he was telling his “friend” almost everything that happened to him. I remember keeping a diary myself (when I am that immature little girl) that holds my heart. My entire heart. I remember being as confused as Charlie. I remember that feeling of my first kiss and first boyfriend. That feeling of not having friends and finally getting myself a group. I remember my rebellious stage when I thought that sneaking a bottle of alcoholic drink on one of our high school field trips and not get caught is my greatest achievement. I remember creating a soundtrack of my life. Copying the lyrics, asking my father to record songs on my cassette tape and playing them on my walkman over and over again. Listening to a song and thinking that the song is all about me, what I currently feel (I still sometimes do that now).

I am just so glad I read it now. When I am old enough to understand. When I mature enough to know. When I am old enough to be glad that I got this book because it reminds me of those precious moments of teenage life. My teenage life. The life that I guess shaped me to whoever I am today.

I am glad that I read it today because it reminds me of some sweet memories. Some memories that I have long forgotten but is glad that I remembered. It somehow answered some of the questions I have in my mature mind. Funny how things are like that sometimes. You are old enough to know, mature enough to understand and you have been pushing yourself in thinking of a specific answer to a question that you can’t seem to comprehend. Only to find out that you have the answer all along. That it is just hidden somewhere at the back of your mind. That it has been there with you for a long time. That the answer is actually with your old teenager self.

I haven’t watched the film yet. I am waiting for G.p to finish reading the book before we go and see Emma Watson play Sam. :) A lot of people are claiming that the film is as beautiful as the book. I hope it is. Because I want to remember it all over again. I want to go back in time when all I think about is my crush and how to pass that dreaded that history exam. How much I loved Math and how much I hate Biology. And how can I hide the smell of liquor on my breath after that drinking session on a friend’s house. And how nasty smoking is but I still wish I can do it like my friends.

If you are planning to read it, please do so. It is a great read. A novel worth your time.


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