Review: The Avengers 2012

You guys miss me?!! Well, I hope! Coz I definitely miss blogging. :( But the past weeks have been excruciatingly tiresome. I had a tour of Luzon (hence my Kirara look now), got sick, hosted our company summer event and of course, the ever busy WORK! Being in the office from day break till the wee hours of the evening has really gotten its toll on me. But whatever! I love being that IT girl that I am. Now, off to regular programming! :-)


It’s one of those “must-see” movie. Everyone’s waiting for it for years. Watching Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America makes everyone soooo excited for THE Movie what would bring them all together.

I was a bit late in watching it. :) Most friends are already posting tons of spoilers and relating some of the funny parts of the movie. But who cares? Better late than never. :-P

It was really an action-packed film. You’ll hear *blag*kaboom*kablag* from start to finish. Everyone’s fight scene is a must-see. Iron Man’s punch line’s are hilarious and incredibly witty! Hulk’s constant grrr that makes me jump off my seat is awesome. And of course that “puny God!” scene of Hulk and Loki is uberly funny! I tell you, this movie won’t give you a chance to pee. You’ll watch it from start to finish and would make you glued on the screen for more than 2hrs.

But believe it or not, it’s not the guys that made me go giddy. It’s that one girl! :) I went to watch it for Thor (that demi-God I so adore) and Captain America (that guy that looks like he was molded to perfection) but I went out of the cinema with a deep love for BLACK WIDOW!


For me, she’s one of the best character in the movie and the one who makes the movie worth watching. Scarlett’s beauty is captivating and she did one hell of a great job in this film. She really outshined everyone with her action moves and that face that simply tell it all. Grabe! Lesbianism Rules!!!

I really hope they’d make a BLACK WIDOW movie that tells everyone what the heck happened on Budapest! That’ll be interesting. And make sure it’s action packed as well.

Avengers didn’t disappoint me at all. Action to the highest level.



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