Hosting Stint @ Club Balai Isabel

We had our company summer outing at Club Balai Isabel last April 27, 2012. :) Unfortunately (or luckily?), I was tasked to do the hosting of both AM and PM program.

I was informed like a week before the event and didn’t got the chance to actually prepare for it. Everything was impromptu. Add the fact that I was also uber busy with our Ilocos trip and of course, work.

I’ve done a couple of hosting before so this is not new to me. But my MAJOR dilemma and the only thing that I really spent time preparing is (yup! you guessed right) My Outift! :)

The AM program is just an opening program to kick off the games. We’re required to wear a shirt on the duration of the morning games so I was really thinking of what to pair my navy blue shirt. I know that maong shorts would never fail me and of course, flipflops! Comfy and fashionable. PERFECT! But what I didn’t foresee is the actual shirt. It was given a day before the event and the fit of the shirt is very sloppy. :( It’s big on the rest of my body but kinda tight on my arm. :( As in I look FAT! So what’s a girl to do?! DIY of course!

Navitaire 2012 Summer Shirt | Maong Shorts | White Flipflops with Pink Straps from Reva | Cream Belt Bag from Blue Magic | Black Hat from a friend | Foldable Wayfarers from RayBan
I cut the neckline and the sleeves to achieve that wide neckline effect which is perfect for chubz like me. I’ve already lost some weight with all the dieting that I did but my arms are still kinda flabby. So I also cut out the arm part of the shirt but made sure to leave a few inches to hide the flabby arms. Muscle shirt is a big no-no for girls like me with big arms but having that flowy sleeves made it look ok. I didn’t went above and beyond on the DIY thing because I still want my shirt to look like the rest. I’m not sure if what I did was ok so I only did minor alterations. But it’s great really!

I completed my look with my black hat, pair of raybans and my ever reliable cream belt bag. No accessories since I want my body free for all the upcoming games. Which I wasn’t able to join thanks to my vertigo. But whatever! Atleast I came prepared.

The hosting went well. I was partnered with a very funny guy and I guess we did a great job. He keeps on teasing me about my DIY shirt so I think I achieved what I always wanted as a fashion blogger. To be unique! I put a touch of Aubrey on my outfit and I’m glad I pulled it off quite well.

Me with my co-host, Jeremy and event organizer Mariel!

The Dinner Program is themed LUAU so I know that everyone would go for that flowery dress. I am not good at blending in when it comes to fashion. I want to stand out. Be noticeable. I’m sorry but it’s me. I want my outfit to shout “I’m different!” so I ditched the dress idea. Not now! :) They see me wear dresses and skirts almost everyday anyway (when everyone’s opting for pants).

So I opted to go for colors. After flowers and dresses, Luau is all about colors. Hawaiian inspired dressed are usually colorful and very summery. So when I saw this lovely colorful striped top in Folded and Hung, I know I found the one! :) I just paired it with my favorite green shorts and purple slip-ons. I also added one major thing to achieve my Luau look, a flower on my ear. Very Jasmine Trias ang peg! Bongga! And I’m all set. Just a few accessories here and there and I’m all good. I can say that I stand out. Eh sino ba naman makakaisip mag-short sa Luau themed party?! Syempre ako lang yun!

Colorful Striped Top from Folded and Hung | Green Shorts from Tiendesitas | Purple Slip-Ons from Bench | Green Bikini Top from Victoria’s Secret | Flower Hair Clips from Jin | Green Beaded Bracelets

So what do you guys think?! I’ll post the rest of my Club Balai experience soon. I have tons of backlogs I tell you! I still have my Ilocos and Quezon trip. Plus that Bohol trip that I wasn’t able to finish. Nyahaha.. GOODLUCK! :)

What I can’t wait to tell you guys about are the girls that I helped style and dress. Oooohhh! I tell you. They are lovely. I guess, when I can’t stand doing my 9-5 job, I can do fashion styling as a back up career! Or maybe, be an official shoppingera! :)


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