Review: Battleship

I’ve had loads of “Navy” experiences as a young girl. My uncle trained for the navy for quite some time. Though he has not officially joined the team, I got a little exposure of the guys in white uniform.

So when I saw Battleship, I got a little excited knowing that it’s all about how the naval force saved the world. Though I must say I was not expecting much. I though its just a combination of GI Joe and Transformers. But I guess I underestimated the film because I end up loving it.

I love the light mix of drama, comedy and loads of action. I love that it tackles brotherly love, love (the kilig one), father-daughter relationship, the struggle of a man to be a real man because he has to save the world and his comrades. I love Rihanna’s acting. She is superb in this film. I love the main character and I love his abs. nyahaha… I love the action and the effects.

In all honesty, this is one movie that everyone should watch. Add the fact that it bring me back to those times when I rode the naval yacht and talked to a Navy officer.



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