Review: Prime Primer by Banila Co.

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When I made a come back on this whole make up and beauty world, I became a whole lot better beauty wise. Dati kasi, I’ll just collect lipstick and shadows and then use BB cream. Voila! As long as it looks good and is cheap, I’m all in.

But that’s not really #Wiser2016. Now that I know better, I understand the importance of using the right products and not scrimp on important items. A primer is one of them.

When I our blog was invited on the launch of Banila Co. in Manila, we went home with their Prime Primer.

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At first, I wanted to sell it. I honestly don’t use a primer. I see it as unnecessary. Just additional non-sense stuff. But then again, researching about it and well, using it has made me change my mind. Primers are important! Super important that I don’t go out without it anymore.

It is now an essential part of my make up kit. Primers are used before you apply your foundation or base make up to seal your pores, make your skin softer, smoothen the appearance of your make up and make it last longer. I swear, there really is a HUGE difference on my make up when I use a primer and when I don’t.

I noticed that my make up base appear smoother when I use a primer. It would always give me a very dewy look and healthier looking skin. I don’t have large pores but I noticed that BB creams and liquid foundations usually make them appear larger if I’m not using a primer.

My make up also lasts longer with a primer. Usually, I’d put on a full make up before I leave the house. Then I’ll bring my lipstick of the day, another lipstick, my compact powder and that’s it. My make up usually lasts until the end of the day without retouch. Even my blush on stays longer with primer.

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Well obviously, the only primer I tried is Banila Co.’s Prime Primer so this post is a little biased. My knowledge on primers is not that wide and so I would only share with you how it was for me.

I guess the best thing about Banila Co.’s Prime Primer is that it’s a Korean brand. And for me, Korean brands are the best when it comes to make up base and skin care. I use Korean brands for my base and concealer because they are really the lightest on the skin. My go to online store for my Korean make up haul is Althea Korea. Everything Korean make up and beauty can be found there. Promise!

Anyway, back to Prime Primer. For me, it is relatively cheap. It’s around 1000php for a bottle and they could really last for like a year or so coz you only need a pea-sized amount for your entire face and neck. But in Althea it’s always on sale. Right now it’s on 41% off so it’s a little over 600php only. What a score!

For you fellow make up junkies, super highly recommended talaga. This is something worth buying. Next time, I’d probably try the hydrating variant. You know me, anything hydrating/moisturizing is love.

How about you? Do you use primers too? What are your favorite primer brands? Share share!


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