Review: Love Me Tomorrow (2016)


I watched this a couple of weeks ago with my official tagalog-no-brainer-movie buddies. I mentioned on this post that one of the #FabSkye’s ninang has a golden rule in watching movies – bawal gamitin ang brain cells.

Honestly, at first I was hesitant with this movie. It’s a Dawn Zulueta film. Baka masyadong mabigat for our Ninang Mariel. Baka may iyakan at madaming brain cells na maubos. Kelangan sa kanya puro tawa lang like the previous movie we watched. Buti nalang this film is actually light and charming and funny too.

Yeps! It’s so refreshing to see Dawn Zulueta do a light film. Hindi yung over mega drama that we’re so used to.

I read on another review that this is a horrible movie and that the director was horrible too. After watching, napatunayan kong bitter yung nag review. Ang ganda kaya!!! And ang galing ng Director. Well, not super galing but honestly, his movie is refreshing too. I love some of his shots. Yung idea ng moving camera on that scene where nalasing si Dawn is just perfect. I love a lot of his framing. Ang ganda nung shots sa bar. I love the lines. It’s very millennial. This is a movie that truly understands millennial. So I really appreciate it.

I also love that the film is not pilit. Well, I still don’t like Coleen Garcia’s acting (ang layooooo kay Dawn at Piolo, promise) but at least her character is not that challenging. At least di pinipilit na mag-emote ang Coleen so okay na din. Di naging masagwa sa mata.

Dawn Zulueta is soooo gorgeous. My gulay! I wanna age as gracefully as she is. I am speechless with her beauty. Timeless. And Piolo is really gwapo. I mean, yeah we all know the rumors and all pero gwapo pa din sya. Laglag panty levels padin.

Overall we had so much fun watching this film. We have another film on our list now. Hihihi.. Can you guess what it is?

Anyway, I had a really crazy experience on that night we watched the film. Well, nanood kami sa Greenbelt. We we're a bit early so we decided to grab some food at the food court of Greenbelt 3 cinema. And so, since kasama ang mga kumare, chicka to the max ang lola mo. I got 2 bags with me. 1 is my handbag and the other is a black shopper's bag where I put my iPad, and a lot of blogger products that was sent to me as a gift and for review. Eh nung pumasok ako isa lang ang bag ko. So, well I guess you know already what happened. Yep!! I left my black bag!!! I went inside the cinema and has been watching for 1.5 hours na ata when I realized that I left it. I hurriedly went out and look for it dun sa area pero wala na. I went back and said, "wala na". Hindi na din ako umasa coz my iPad is there. Just one quick peek and you'll see the iPad Air inside. So hello? Diba? Kahit na I'm sure they won't be able to use it bilang naka icloud sya, I still felt sad. And ayun nga. The blogger items are all there. Anong iba-blog ko?! But my friend told me to check out the lost and found area or asked around. And so I went back and asked the guard where's the lost and found station. Then I proceeded to ask the sales people of Nuts With Candies store. Guess what? The sales people of Nuts With Candies found my bag and returned it to me!! Grabe!! It's so easy to just deny. "I didn't find it. Sorry." And then it's gone diba? But they returned it to me. I can't believe it. I was so thankful talaga. Faith in humanity restored. And so the next day, ang naiwan ko naman eh yung office laptop ko sa tricycle. Buti nalang, naalala ko agad and hinabol ng mga tambay si kuya. Malala na ko. Kelangan ko ng memory enhancer. Any recommendation?

Anyway, if ever the sales people of Nuts with Candies are reading this - thank you!! I know I said thank you profusely already that night but I still wanna thank you! You girls are awesome. And if the owner of the store would somehow read this, sir! You got a nice bunch of staff. Honesty is something so rare these days. Treasure them.


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