Taking It Easy


I love that stolen shot c/o The Companion. Parang ang saya saya ko lang. :)
It was taken last Christmas (25Dec2013) at Seattle’s Best in Greenbelt 3. We were waiting for our movie so the boys and I decided to kill time at the coffee shop. I love the shop’s lighting. Lakas maka-ganda at maka fresh. So we also did a mini photo shoot. Parang timang lang. I’m still thinking if I’d do a separate blog entry for that or will just upload the photos on Facebook and save you, my dear readers, from the craziness.
I decided the wear something simple and comfy on Christmas Day. I noticed that plain black long tee (stretch of course) is my best friend. I can pair it with my leggings and my skirts without any fuzz. And they are comfy too. I am kinda hot lately (literally). So wearing comfortable clothes is a must for me. When I wore this black Mango Basic tee, nanghinayang talaga ako. I got it on sale kasi! I should have hoarded. And these basic tee will never go out of fashion. Preggers or not. Lintek! Wrong move ako dun. Now I have to wait for Mango’s end of season sale again. Actually, dun kasi ako talaga namimili ng mga basic items ko. I love the quality of the fabric that Mango uses. Tumatagal kasi talaga. As in years. Most of my Mango items have been with me for like 5years na. Luma na pero keri pa din. Naipangmo-mall ko pa!
Look at that huge baby bump!! :) That’s me on my 7th month! Let me just tell you that walking with those bump is no joke. Ang bigat na nya. Ang hirap mag balance, ang sakit sa balakang at likod at higit sa lahat, nakakapagod!! I still have to buy a couple of items for the baby so goodluck to me!
P1030841-vert-horzP1030844-horzP1030809-horzP1030842-horz Top: Mango | Skirt: Mango | Nude Flats: The Ramp | Bag: Celine (CLN) | Earrings: from Len | Bangles: Divisoria | Slim Ring: vintage | Lippies: Morange

So how’s my look? Did you like it. I love thatt I don’t look huge on those photos kahit na mukha na akong Mojacko. 2 more months before I pop. Onting kembot na lang. I am also starting to go on a diet. Medyo nakalimutan ko ang “healthy lifestyle” nung holidays. Sarap naman kasi ng spaghetti ni Mila na pag Christmas at New Year ko lang natitikman.
I’ll go back to work na tomorrow. Yehey! I miss my lunch buddies. Gusto ko na makipag chismisan.



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