Review: Mongkok


When Sissy and I went to Shangri La Plaza Mall, we decided to try Mongkok. Eversince the pregnancy, I find myself not liking most of the food I usually love. And end up eating the same thing over and over again. Which is weird coz I usually go for variety.

Anyway, I’ve been loving Wai Ying’s hakaw for years now so when I saw the hakaw on Mongkok’s Menu, it was settled. We’d try it out.

P1030367 Hakaw or Fresh Shrimp Dumpling (Php 90.00)

Of course, first thing we ordered is the Hakaw. And I must say, they are the saddest-looking Hakaw I’ve ever seen. :’( And is very far from Wai Ying’s hakaw. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Even Sissy didn’t like it at all. Bad choice this one.

P1030361 Seafood Roll (Php 100.00)

Good thing we got these love. Mongkok’s Seafood Roll definitely saved the day. I totally forgot my disappointment with the Hakaw the moment I tried this one.

P1030375 Mongkok Special Fried Rice (Php 160.00 for small serving)

P1030373 Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style (Php 280.00)

Since we’re so hungry, we decided to get fried rice and beef. Good thing though we ordered just the small serving of rice. We asked the waitress and she said that the small serving is good for 2 pax while the large serving is good for 4pax. Sissy and I are so hungry so I am so tempted to get the large one but settled for the small serving thinking na pag nabitin kami, we’ll just order plain rice.

Paglabas ng fried rice, boom! Kasya sa buong panilya ko. Kaloka! I liked the fried rice though. And is perfect for the beef dish we ordered. The fried rice’s toppings has sauce. I was expecting a dry one so it’s a little surprise for my taste buds.


Overall dining experience was okay. Except for the sad Hakaw, I liked everything. Although I’d always choose Wai Ying over this place. Ibang levels ang sarap dun eh. Hmmmm.. come to think of it, I miss Wai Ying, hopefully I can drop by one of these days. Grabe kasi nung Christmas season, hongtrapik!

So anyway, how are you guys? I’m having kind of a hard time lately. With the extra active little peanut who kicks everything inside me to the exhaustion I’m feeling lately. Wasn’t able to really enjoy the Christmas vacay because I literraly spent the entire 2 weeks on my bed. Pero konting kembot nalang. Konting konti nalang!!!!




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