Review: Kalye Juan and the ABCAZ Girls’ Reunion

Last Friday, I had dinner with one of my closest girl friends – the ABCAZ Girls. :)
P1040283 ABCAZ Girls aka Joey’s Angels: Me, Tere, Roxs and Desi

These girls made my first ever job a lot easier and loads more fun. I was also able to cope up really well with the corporate world because I’ve got them. We’re now counting 8yrs worth of friendship and even if we got our own separate life now, we still manage to keep the friendship. Thanks to the internet! :)

P1040277 The Companion and I, Desi and her hubby Josef, Tere, Roxs and her bf Snap

Since Roxs is in Manila for her Christmas vacation (she’s now based in SG), we decided to meet up together with our “special someone” for our much awaited catching up. Since Desi and I are both preggers. Ang saya no?! Imagine? 8yrs ago, our stories are full of books and suitors and all those crazy things young people talk about, but now, we’re exchanging tips on pregnancy, asking things about the places we’ve been to, asking for wedding suppliers – all those crazy things people our age talk about. :)
I love that even after all these years, parang wala padin nagbago. We are still that bunch of maiingay girls na walang ginawa kundi mag-giggle. One of our bosses even tag us as “giggle girls”. Kasi konting kibot dati, wala kaming ginawa kundi mag-giggle. Hahahahaha!
Sabi nga ni Companion, ang tagal daw namin mag-kwentuhan. Eh bitin pa nga yun!! When we’re working together, we talk endlessly. As in even though we are together for 8hrs a day, 5 days a week, we still can’t run out of things to talk about. Desi and I even shared an apartment. Oh db?! Gosh girls! If ever you are reading this, I can’t believe how clingy we are!!!
Some friendships are really like that. Real and they last longer that you could imagine. #tearyeyedbuntis
I’m just so glad that I got them.
Anyway, we decided to have dinner at Kalye Juan. There are 2 buntis on the group – 1 on her 2nd trimester so her appetite is at it’s peak. We got 3 boys and 1 girl who eats a lot. So alam nyo na, heavy dinner talaga ang hanap namin! At talagang rice ang preference. We we’re checking out the restaurants in Mall of Asia until we decided to try out Kalye Juan. Wala pang nakakakain dun sa aming 7, so go na kami. Bahala na kung masarap.
We decided to get their set meal for 6 which includes:
  • Pork Sinigang
  • Sisig
  • Bangus Belly Bistek
  • Sizzling Chicken
  • Laing
  • Krispy Pata
  • 6 serving of rice
  • 6 iced tea
And all of that for only Php 1500! Ang sulit diba? We just ordered extra rice and another serving of iced tea because there are 7 of us.

Grilled Sisig sa Kalye

I love their version of sisig. But the companion didn’t really like it. Probably because he prefers Sisig na masunog sunog. But I really like their version. It’s doesn’t feel so sinful.

Sizzling Chicken

This is my favorite!!! The sauce is just yummers. And I love the veggies as well. The chicken are tender and perfect. Ako nga ata nakaubos neto eh.

Bangus Belly Bistek

OMG! I ordered this one pero I wasn’t able to try it pala. Hahahaha! One thing kasi on this serving, medyo konti sya. good for 2 pax probably or 1 hungry pax. Eh mukhang nasarapan sila kasi walang natira for me to try. But The Companion liked this one.


Oh I love the laing as well! :) Enough gata on it. Kinda close to the Laing of Bicol really. I usually don’t order laing coz most of them don’t even come close to the original one but this one I like.

Pork Sinigang

The sinigang is perfect to warm the tummy and the veggies are perfect. Crunchy and not soggy at all. The acidity is also just right. Although I like my sinigang extra asim, this one is still a-ok for me. :) Just right.

Crispy Pata

This is probably the biggest serving of Crispy Pata ever! As in, pang-fiesta levels. And I love the Crispy Pata. The taba are crunchy and the dip is yummers also!!!
We all enjoyed our dinner. The 2 buntis are very happy and satisfied. Thank you very much. All of us swore we’d come back. Ako talaga babalik to try the other stuff they offer. This one is perfect for the companion kasi he prefers Pinoy food talaga.
After the yummy dinner, pinagpatuloy namin ang kwentuhan over coffee (decaf for me!).


Sobrang saya talaga to be with them. Kundi lang ako buntis at inaantok na, I’d love to stay and make chick until madaling araw. Kaso the buntises have to go home na and rest.
It was fun filled night spent over good food with awesome friends.
OMG Bhebhe! Take care on your flight back to SG. And hopefully you are in Pinas for the Christening. Probably mauulit to sa binyag ng mga babies namin or sa kasal ni Bhebhe or sa pagbalik nya ulit sa Pinas.
And I can’t believe ang konti ng pictures ko!!! Natuwa ako masyado kakakwento.



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