Review: She's The One (2013)

I was happy prepping some photos for the blog when sissy asked me to go out with her. Nood daw kami She’s The One – a Filipino chick flick starring Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil. I said yes because I was bored to death at home and because I realized I’m not watching movies as much as I used to. Dati lahat ng latest napapanood ko, ngayon talaga hindi na gaano. Haven’t even watched Cloudy With a Chance Meatballs yet! The horror!

So, how was it?!!

It was actually a good film. I thought it’s just that typical bestfriends where the girl is actually inlove with the boy but the boy is too dense to realize it yada yada! What set this one apart is the fact that Enrique’s character came. He’s 8yrs younger than Bea’s character here. But he was the one brave enough to admit and realize that Bea is actually worth finding and worth loving. See the point? Hahahaha!

Actually, it’s not as awesome as the typical Bea Alozo movie (JL-Bea) that is, but I would say that you won’t feel robbed of your 200 bucks anyway. Plus Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes are both superb actors. Dun palang sa eksenang mangilid ngilid ang luha ni Dingdong, winner na! Hahahaha! Though I must say the Enrique really has too hone his craft more. Dami pa nyang kakaining bigas. Isama mo na palay! Layo lang sa Bea Alonzo levels of acting. But he’s young. He could do so much better in the future I know.

I also have to mention that Bea Alonzo is extremely hot in this movie!!! I swear!! And nakadami si Enrique Gil sa kissing scene. Quota nga daw according to the companion. Hihihihi..

So go ahead, watch it if you want something that’ll make you kilig!

Have a great week ahead my loves!!!




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