Black will always be my bestfriend...

I’m lovin’ that creative shot by my officemate Danica! :) Thank you girl for this. She took this after we had a photo op with with contestants of our yearly fund raising project. I liked the lighting so I just had to squeeze in a look shot. #BloggerIssues

This is what I wore last Friday. A simple jeggings and my tight-fitting, stretchable, long black tee. and I love that this outfit is soooo slimming. I don’t even look preggers on below photo.

Black has always been a staple in my wardrobe. Because I’m chubz chubz, I rely to my black pieces to make me look 10lbs thinner. And now, I am loving them because I don’t look huge at all despite the growing belly.

I paired my black tee with this camo leggings for a little ooommpph! and finish off with a huge earrings and some arm party. Of course, my ever reliable CLN bag. Then finish off with this cute gold bow sandals. A little color here and there. And a little shimmer just made this look so put together. :)

Black V-neck Tee: a Tiangge (but I swear this is sooo worth it! Mango material!) | Camo Leggings: Baclaran | Earrings: from Len | Bangles: from Divisoria | Colorful Braided Arm Band: from Len | Bag: CLN | Gold Sandals: Payless

Have a great week ahead guys! :)  I’m still super busy but I’ve decided to not let it stress me anymore. I’ll take it one day at a time. One. Day. At. A. Time.


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