The Promise Ring

As I was prepping my Hotel Kimberly photos for the blog, I saw these…

I was supposed to include this on my Hotel Kimberly review as just a side kwento but I think this one deserves it’s own space on my blog. It was, after all, The Companion’s promise ring to me.

Ewan ko din san nya napulot yan promise ring idea na yan. Ang arti lang. Hahahaha!

So here’s what happened.

On my birthday last May (I know! Late post again!), the Companion and I decided to celebrate it together and have a staycation. He’s actually an ex-boyfriend. I guess it was 7 yrs ago. But he’s been always my go-to guy, if you know what I mean. On my single days, he’ll just pop in my life and we’d have a random date. Laging ganun. Or sometimes, out of nowhere he’d invite me out tapos sasama naman ako. But after that, no more texts na naman. So when we went out last March, I though it’s just one those “short dates” we’ll have. Pero May na nagde-date pa din kami! Hahahaha…

So anyway, as he was watching telly, I decided to give our bath tub a try. My muscles are sore and stressed out so a warm bath is exactly what I need. After my bath, I was looking for a hairdryer to dry my hair before I start blogging. Walang hairdryer sa bathroom! So I decided to check out the drawers on the vanity mirror which  I turned into a blogging nook. When I opened the drawer, I saw a bible inside. Kaso mo, the bible was placed kinda weird. Parang there’s something underneath it. So when I checked it out (thinking baka may tissue or something), I saw a blue velvet box. At dahil chismosa ako, I opened it and saw a ring!!!

So I turned to the companion and said “oy! May nakaiwan ng singsing!!” In my head I was already thinking of calling the front desk to report what I saw. Ayoko naman ibulsa yung ring no.

And then to my utter disbelief, I saw panick on the companion’s face and then he started wailing like a baby!

“Ano ka ba??!! Pakielamera ka!! Surprise ko yan sayo eh. Bwiset ka talaga!”


Sorry naman!

He told me that he was supposed to give it to me pag medyo romantic na ang mood. And he wants to ask me if we can be on an official relationship already. Coz he knew daw that he loves me. Loved me eversince. Parang wala daw 7yrs na lumipas. Naaaaaaakkss!! Ang cheesy. And the ring was not an engagement ring but a promise ring. That he will one day, prove to me that he is the man that I deserve. Gumaganon??

And now five months after, I am with the little peanut! Hahahaha! Walangyang yon! Our own little one. And he just made me the happiest woman ever. And though I am not marrying him yet, I want to someday. There are things one must consider before tying the knot and I firmly believe that this little one is not enough reason. It’s supposed to be between a man and woman. Just as I firmly believe that not having a child doesn’t make a marriage a failure.

I want to give my child a happy family. And I can’t have that happy family if Tatay and Nanay just went ahead and marry each other without really understanding the real meaning of it. I want the companion to enjoy his life. To do what he wants. To actually prove to me that he is the man that we deserve. I’m just glad he’s up for the challenge. And hopefully, in a year or two, we could be family.

But for now, I am a single Momma. I don’t ask for financial help from the companion although he’d still buy me some things that I need. I am taking full responsibility for the baby because I decided to not marry the father yet. You may condemn me for doing such but I am actually doing it for my child. One day, s/he’d thank me for thinking things over. Because one day, when s/he’d have that happy family, she’d understand why Nanay did what she has to do. :)





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