Review: Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire

Another beauty blog, this is my way of showing you guys the beauty loots that I use and swore into. It would usually take me months before blogging a certain beauty find because based on experience, using them once or for a week is not a good point of comparison. I’ve had products that I super like the first time I use but would find faults here and there after a couple of weeks.

Take this Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire as an example. I got this because the Covergirl sales lady in Robinson’s Ermita is sooo good with sales talk. So eventhough this eyeliner is a bit expensive (more than Php 400 if I’m not mistaken), we give in.

Although after a couple of tries, I started to hate it. It smudged! Giving me raccoon eyes the whole freakin’ day. I was so so sad then because I felt like I was robbed. I really didn’t like it then but I didn’t give up. I was wondering how ate was able to put the eyeliner on me (that day I bought it) and it didn’t even smudge then. I was thinking that maybe it’s because it was the trial kit. So I did some research, and tried applying it differently. Apparently, this eyeliner is best for the upper lid not the lower lid. I usually out eyeliner on my lower lid kasi which I later on found out is not right at all. I don’t know how to put winged eyeliner kasi that’s why I don’t usually put eyeliner above my lid but with just a couple of practice, I was able to find the perfect way to put eyeliner. Ng hindi OA! Smile And this eyeliner is perfect! I love it so much now. And it’s waterproof so it stays on your lids the whole day. No need to retouch.

Again, too lazy to do a before and after shot. You just have to take my word for it!




P.S.: Been raining the whole day today. And I’m having morning sickness. I hope the weather would be better tomorrow coz I can’t afford to miss work.


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