Review: Lash Perm Volume Mascara by Etude House

Another beauty blog worthy post! Smile Making up for the lost time. And yes, I think second trimester is starting to look good. So expect to be bombarded with a gazillion of late posts!! Yay!!

So here’s another great find from Etude House. Sissy and I raided their store a couple of months back and we went out VERY happy. I really really love the fact that they have great beauty products at such affordable prices. Super major over grover SCORE! And they’re from Korea! Great products, reasonable price. They’d be my next fave beauty shop after face shop.

Anyway, I’ve been really itching to buy Fairy Drops Mascara for the longest time now. I tried it several times already and really really loved it. Makapal kasi ako, I’d always use their testers sa Beauty Bar everytime mapapadaan ako. Instant mascara! Free pa!

I know you’d ask me why I didn’t buy it? Kahit gustong gusto ko. Coz it’s expensive! It costs more than 1K! Hindi makatarungan. Well, makatarungan actually because it’s really maganda and definitely worth it but I’m no  beauty expert and I’m not well off. I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to use it for long. Baka hindi ko masulit. Alam mo yun?!

So this Lash Perm Volume Mascara is my life saver!! And sissy’s as well. Kasi I was trying to convince her na maghati kami sa Fairy Drops eh. Hahahahaha!

The sister tried several mascara on Etude House. She’s a sucker for mascaras. Coz she has long eye lashes and she’d really look good with a decent mascara. I was able to try one Etude House mascara which my friend owned and I didn’t really liked that variant she has. It’s sticky and so hard to use. Specially for me who’s not really gifted with decent eye lashes.

But LPVM is different! It comes with a volume brush that’s designed to reach your shorter lashes making it more easier to use. And you know me, I go for efficiency all the time! Plus its not sticky at all and is doesn’t clump your lashes. I hate it when I’d put mascara on and my lashes would en up clumped that I have to separate them one by one. I would usually use a safety pin(ooopppsss!! That’s bad practice guys so don’t follow my footsteps!) coz eyelash comb just won’t do the trick. But with LPVM, I don’t need to resort into doing that unsafe act. And it really does give extra volume into your lashes making them darker and appears thicker. Sorry no before and after shots, too lazy to do those. Hihihihihi.. But you just have to take my word for it I guess.

The sister and I have been using it for months now and I must say its really sulit. It does what it promised and doesn’t dry up easily kaya until now nagagamit pa din namin. This one costs Php395. Super affordable talaga!!!

So go get your hands on them. By the way, this is the only variant on their mascara line that I love. The cheaper ones I really don’t like at all.




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