#OOTD at 17 Weeks

Finally! A maternity #OOTD for y’all. Smile

To those of you who’s been asking me to post my maternity #OOTD, here it is. Sorry if it took me a couple of months to actually have the courage to do a fashion blog post. You see, I don’t really feel pretty during my first trimester. Honestly, most of the time I feel awful. I just make it a point to dress up and fix my face everyday because I have friends nastier than me. Eh ano kung buntis ako at pwedeng maiyak ako sa comment nila? Basta sasabihin nila sa akin that I look freakin’ awful and haggard! Ganyan ang true friends. Sarap ilaglag sa drain.

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday for my EMR (emergency) OB visit. Nothing really alarming, it’s just that my allergic rhinitis was bugging me already. The runny nose and clogged nose is something I am used to, but the dry, itchy eyes? Not so much. I was supposed to see my ENT but was advised to visit my OB first.

So that’s why I’m sporting my Ray-bans inside the mall. Too much light is making my  eyes more itchy and dry. And that’s why I have a bare face here. Maitatago naman ng shades, why bother? Smile

Top: Stolen from the sister | Plaid Pink Shorts: RRJ | Maternity Belt: Robinson’s Department Store (not shown) | Silver Sandals: Payless | Bag: CLN | Sunnies: Foldable Wayfarer by Ray-Bans | Earrings: Divisoria

On to my outfit, I’m wearing my sister’s top here paired with my old shorts – unbuttoned and secured with my maternity belt. Finished off my entire look with my preggy sandals. This silver sandals I got from Payless is love. Wasn’t ale to blog about it though. I got it for my friend’s beach wedding and has been my default sandals. It’s rubber soles are perfect for me as it gives so much grip that I really need nowadays.

I love my roomy top and I love the length. It’s perfect to hide the maternity belt and gives enough coverage for my baby bump. The top also has a ribbon at the back which gave me waist definition.

And oh! My CLN bag to carry all my preggy necessities like my Mommy Book, bottled water, extra undies, tissues, alcohol. Whew!

I love being pregnant. And I am now starting to enjoy dressing up because finally, I have a baby bump to show everyone! Haven’t gained much weight if you notice (and the scales are telling me the same thing) except for the obvious bigger tummy so I’m proud to say that I haven’t bought a single maternity piece. Most of the things I’m wearing are actually my pre-pregnancy clothes. It’s just a matter of mixing and matching.

Let me leave you with my paparazzi shot which the sissy took. Sino mag-aakalang batang buntis ako?? Sino??! Hihihihihi…



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