All For Comfort

This is what I wore on my birthday. Red shorts kasi nga birthday ko! Hihihi..

I had my oversized sweater on me (it was actually my sister’s, stole it from her) coz I wanna be comfy as hell coz I know that my morning is gonna be busy. And then I finish off with the red watch the sister gave me and the reddish earrings from Len. And oh of course, I had my fave CMG loafers which screams COMFORT! What can I do?  It’s my birthday!!

I started my day with an APE appointment. Nakakaloka no? I did my APE on my birthday. So I have bulak on my braso the entire morning. Kooooorniiii!!!

Actually, my entire morning didn’t turn out okay. I woke up to a fighting parents. Well, that’s a common scenario anyway. And they are not really fighting, fighting. My father has this loud voice that makes you think he’s constantly shouting and Mila’s weird. She’s been married to the man for almost 30yrs pero everytime my father would “shout” nagagalit padin sya. And I was like, “Mila! Asawa mo kaya yan. Ganyan na sya ever since!! Di sya galit!! Duh??”

So there, they we’re shouting at each other over a lost sock or something. But after that Mila kissed him goodbye and after preparing all his things. Weirdo parents much!!

Anyway, I was so pissed with the people in Healthway specially the lab guys. Thank heavens I got a very talkative doctor. Basically, we talked about my Globe postpaid unlisurf line. Then my love life. Then the impending expiration of my ovaries. Gee! Thanks doc!

After my APE, the companion and I went to Sbarro to grab some lunch. I wanted to dine in a buffet but the companion refused. Basag trip! So we ended up munching pasta and pizza. Really didn’t enjoy the lunch at all. Another fail!

But after all the morning hiatus came the best part of my day! A staycation!!! We checked in at around 1 and just slept. Watched the telly. Slept some more. Blog even more. Had bubble baths. It was perfect.

And then we cap it off with a yummy dinner from my fave cheap resto. It was more that awesome.

Oversized Sweater: My sister’s | Shorts: old (it was actually a pambahay shorts! Nyahahaha) | Flats: CMG | Watch: gift from the sister | Earrings: from Len | Ring: old | Lippies: MAC Ruby Woo



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