Love Handles and More

Love-Handles-ReigningStill (1)

This photo was taken some weeks back at BGC. We went there with sissy and the #FabSkye for an event and did a quick #OOTD photo shoot upon seeing the nice grassy part of BGC.

I really love BGC. They have greens and buildings all over. What a contrast. But super beautiful. I hope they won’t end up being too overcrowded like Makati. Hinay hinay lang Taguig. :)

Anyway, I know that these set of photos are not so flattering. Hello?! Love handles!!!! Yeps. I still have those crazy bulges that doesn’t want to go away. Pwede naman daw yan maalis basta mag work out ako. Kumusta naman?

I am posting this as a reminder for me and to document my improvement. I am slowly losing weight. Promise! If you’ve seen me a couple of moths back o kahit last year. Oh my gulay!

I also don’t know what happened. I just lost weight. Probably because Skye’s almost 2 now and I’m still breastfeeding. But whatever.

I will try to work out. I. Will. TRY. Just try.

But it felt really good to be back on track. I am now slowly going back to my old self. Been wearing make up again. Trying to look decent. And I love it. Yey for beauty!!

Next target is my hair. I need to have it fixed ASAP. Then maybe I could kalkal my wardrobe na. Time to bring out the old clothes. Yihee!!

Love-Handles-ReigningStill (3)
Love-Handles-ReigningStill (2)
Top and Shorts: Mango | Lipstick: Maybelline


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