Review: The Fault In Our Stars (by John Green)

This is one of the books that kinda interest me coz I see it on every celebrities’ Instagram account. Being a bookworm, I know I have to get my hands on them.

After reading Every Day by David Levithan, I decided to give this book its much awaited attention.

I don’t know if my decision of reading it after Every Day was a right move. The Fault In Our Stars is a wonderfully written book but is very very heavy on the heart. Eh kakaiyak ko pa lang sa Every Day!

Until now, I can’t seem to find the perfect book to read after this. Tried Candice Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle to no avail. The Fault In Our Stars would hunt you. Be warned!

This book is all about kids/teens with cancer and how they live and struggle everyday. Not only because they are sick but because they have to live when they very well know they’ll die one day... OMG! I am getting teary eyed. Kalma!!!

I mean, this book is really something. John Green has this amazing talent of telling a story in such a wonderful way. He sounds realistic. It seems like I’m not reading a fiction at all but is actually reading Hazel’s mind. A 16 year old girl suffering from stage 4 thyroid cancer. A teenager who wants to live but is counting her days of existence.

The very first time I cried while reading the book (coz I am laughing or smirking during the first few chapters) was when Hazel was telling her parents that she’s a freakin’ grenade. And the reason why she’s not making friends and trying to avoid Augustus is because she wants to minimize the damage once she exploded coz she’s a FREAKIN’ GRENADE!! A time bomb. People close to her on that day she’ll detonate would surely get hurt. And she’d do anything to avoid further damage.

But love really is funny. Her meeting Augustus and falling in love with a cancer survivor and amputee who happens to be hot as well. Now she was thinking that Gus is another casualty she couldn’t do anything about.

And then I cried harder when (OMG! Can’t believe a tear actually fell right now. Told you the book really hunts you.) – oh what am I saying again? Oh yeah, I cried even harder when Gus told Hazel that he had a recurrence. That he is actually a walking cancer house. Cancer cells are all over his body making him THE grenade. And yet, as what Hazel said, she now knows why Gus still loved him even though she’s dying. It’s because once you love a person, you can never un-love.

I mean, I know heartbreak. I have suffered from them. But losing the one you love because of cancer is more painful. And losing him at a very young age makes it doubly painful. I think what they had is real love. And I don’t know if I’d blame the stars or what but I am just so glad that Hazel is such a strong girl.

There is really something in this book that makes it extra special. It made me realize how short life is. It opens my eyes to the fact that you love a person simply because you do. Sometimes you fall for someone you never thought you’d fall for and yet you do. And then it’s all up to you if you wanna fight for it. If you wanna go for it. Or if you wanna let it slip your hands.

I love Hazel’s character because she knows love and never did once let go. She hold on to the love even if she knew that one day, that love is gonna leave her alone.

I recommend this book for you book lovers out there. But be warned. It’ll make you cry.


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