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Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I haven’t been updating as much lately because of the crazy work. But I am not complaining. And never will I complain. I love my job. And blogging is really just my outlet. Something that I love doing on the sideline. Tsaka wala naman kasi sa blogging ang anda. Hindi pa ko ganon kasikat! Char!

Anyway, on to the more important things – like say, fashion. Did you ever had a dress that only fits you when you’re starving for a month? For me, that dress is this…


I got it years ago but I was only able to wear it for a couple of weeks before it got shoved off at the back of my closet. I can’t even get a leg inside the dress. When I got it I was 95lbs and can still wear a decent bikini but now I am XXXlbs and you better kill me first before forcing me into wearing bikinis at the beach. This dress was MIA for more than 2yrs now if I’m not mistaken. So imagine how glad I am when I found this while cleaning out my closet. And you can imagine how joyful I am that I was able to squeeze myself into the dress now!! Dati hanggang tuhod lang sya, max na yun, hindi mo na maitaas!! But now I was able to wear it. And not to mention close the buttons pose for an outfit shot!


Though I still can’t properly raise my hand. @_@ Ang hirap pag may question kay teacher. Bawal mag raise your hand. :( But, but, but the fact I was able to squeeze into the dress is more than awesome for me! I am waaaaaayyy beyond happy.


So I did what I do best when I’m happy about something – I blog about it! This dress is perfect for a little strolling at the mall. Or a simple dinner with friends. Its casual but has that hint smart-iness in it. The brown belt, gold accessories and simple flats gave it elegance. If your company is not strict on skirt length then this one could definitely pass as an office attire.

dresssshirt05Shirt Dress: MSE | Belt: goes with the shorts I got from Divisoria | Flats: gift from Mila | Earrings and Gold Bangles: Divisoria | Lippies: Morange lippy from Len




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