I am so not feeling well when I wore this. It was the morning after our intense work out and I am waaaayyy too exhausted to even think of a proper attire. So when I opened my closet and saw this Zara blazers (a favorite), I just rummaged for some blue bottoms hence this skirt and I’m off! Oh, squeeze in a 5 minute look shots and then I’m off. Hihihi…
That’s basically one of my secrets in ninja dressing. Not dressing like a ninja of course, I meant super fast dressing up duh! @_@ I always get a statement piece, yung tipong never fail item and then I’d pair it with an item of the same color palette. So I’m 100% sure that they’d go well. Then finish off with my “safe” accessories like golds and whites or silvers. Also, keeping accessories to a minimum on a ninja dressing day is another never fail decision.
No multiple pieces or arm parties. I love this specific bangle of mine because its white with gold details. Glam and safe. I can wear it with anything really. And usually, this skull ring is my go to safe accessories if I want to give a look an oommpphh.
I didn’t really realize that my skirt is a little too short. Told you I’m in such a hurry that morning so thank goodness I paired it with this blazers coz they definitely gave the smart casualness vibe of my look even if I am wearing a tee underneath. And I also ditch the heels and stayed on flats. That way, I wont have that longer legs that’ll only emphasize my short skirt. Though heels would do wonders on making my legs look longer, they’d also be the number one culprit if my boss noticed my a little too short skirt. So sssshhhh guys okay? I didn’t receive a warning letter so I guess I got off safe. Whew!
Annnnnnddd… let me just share with you my new addiction. These Solemate flats from SM Department Store. I so so so love them! It just doesn’t show here (if you follow me on Instagram then you’d probably have seen these babies), but my flats are adorned with cute little white stars. I got the flats in beige which is a safe color and I have been wearing them for 3 straight days! They are my comfiest pair!!! Promise. And bongga coz their size 5 is actually just a little big on me. Tipong keri na! :) Plus, they only cost Php300! And if you get 2 pairs, it’ll only cost you Php399!! Of course, I got myself 2 pairs of flats! Kaloka!
By the way, would you believe that this skirt actually costs Php40?? My cousin got it in Divisoria and when she showed it to me and told me the price, I was hysterical. I saw an exact same skirt in Landmark that costs around Php200++! I was hysterical because she only got the blue one. Pag ganun kamura ang damit, binibili lahat ng colors!! Diba?? Kakaloka minsan yung pinsan ko eh. Told her to go back and she wasn’t able to. Sayang coz they got white and red ata. I would love it if they have it in yellow. Lakas maka-summer diba? Sayang talaga!
blue04Blazers: Zara | Tee: Kengkoy Collection by Solo | Skirt: Divisoria (Php40) | Flats: Solemate by SM Department Store | Earrings: Divisoria | Bangles: gift | Skull Ring: Quiapo

How’s your week so far everyone? :) Mine is pretty busy. I was supposed to go out of the country for work but the trip was postponed. And I can’t help but be glad! Super busy with work that needs to be done here in Manila. Hay!


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