Review: Sisterakas (MMFF 2012)


3rd MMFF movie! :) I still have 3 more on my bucket list. Though I am thinking of watching Shake, Rattle and Roll because I think Carlo Aquino is on it (confirm nyo naman for me).

Watched this movie with my brother and a young cousin. Its my yearly treat for the brother. He’d usually choose an MMFF movie we’d watch and this year its Sisterakas.

How was it?! It was hilarious!! As in super funny. Of course we all know how good Vice Ganda is. Add Aiai Delas Alas and Kris Aquino to the roster and it sure is a big hit! No wonder its top grossing. Its great to see Kris on a comedy film. Atleast hindi horror sabi nga ni Ate Ballsy. @_@

Honestly. Kris is a good comedian. She really is. Most of the time mas natatawa pa ko sa kanya kesa kina Aiai. Coz her portrayal is more genuine. Parang wala syang balak magpatawa pero nakakatawa sya or pilit na pilit syang magpatawa kaya nakakatawa. Oh well!

The two kids I’m with are laughing their pants off. Ibang level! I don’t think I need to tell you guys to watch it coz I know you’d do. Just support Filipino films please.

So far, out of the three movies – the award worthy is really One More Try. I wanna watch Thy Womb and El Presidente first to check if One More Try is really better. Though I don’t understand why Wilma Doesnt won Best Supporting Actress. I mean come on! Wala nga syang sinabi sa movie. :( Wala ding ka-award award na peg! Kalowka!! :’(

And oh! Allow me to add one more thing – ANG GWAPO NI DANIEL PADILLA!!!!! Lintek na bata yun. Super gwapo! Kinilig ako na parang 12yrs old! Hahahahaha





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